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The new Adelaide Oval has many admirers. ‘Graceful’, ‘charming’, ‘refined’, ‘modest’, ‘an exquisite jewel’ were words and a phrase used to describe the old ground. When it became evident that the old western stands were due for demolition in 2009 I took several hundred photographs (116 of which are reproduced here) to provide a record of a lost place and time.


Critics might argue that the Oval could not be left in a time-warp, that bricks and mortar don’t matter, that real history is what occurs on the ground. However spectator experience stretches further than this to social occasions on the mounds (north and south), in and behind the grandstands, as well as to the parks outside.


People are largely absent because I want the viewer to experience the ground in repose, to reflect, to feel a gentler place. Captions are few because I do not want to direct the viewer to specific objects and places but rather to create an impression of an enchanting whole. The result, I trust, is something like a poetic tribute to a grand old ground.


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Freelance historian (mainly sport) who has just written his 40th book. Will accept writing commissions with reasonable pay. Among his most recent books are George Giffen: A Biography, The Towns: 100 Years of Glory 1919-2018, Joe Darling: Cricketer, Farmer, Politician and Family Man (with Graeme Ryan) and The MCC Official Ashes Treasures (5th edition).


  1. bernard whimpress says

    Thanks John and the FA team for this promo. I guess I should update my bio on your site as this book is now my 30th.

  2. George Laslett says

    A Brilliant work, so many great memories and captures the moment of great battles long gone but etched in the psyche; they were the days; Thanks Bernard for your work of passion, and precision in documenting this great oval and surrounds;

  3. bernard whimpress says

    Your comment much appreciated, George. Just back from the Bay Oval where we fell 7 runs short in the Shield game.

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