Almanac Cricket: Australia v Sri Lanka, First Test – does anyone care?

The First Test in the two-match Australia v Sri Lanka series kicks off in just over an hour. Here at the Editor’s desk, the silence is deafening! Not a single word offered by way of an introduction to the battle for the Warne/Muralitharan Trophy. Does anyone really care?


What little press there has been has focussed on the possible debut, now postponed, of young Will Pucovski and/or the uncertainty of the Australian batting line-up. Warnie has tried his best to whip up a bit of interest via his regular newspaper column but can’t seem to write a piece without resorting to his ongoing whinges about Mitch Starc.


After last week’s BBL farce, there’s been as much written about the certainty of the electricity supply to the Gabba as there has been about the cricket! Given that you poor sods down south look like having power supply issues of your own in today’s heatwave, we’ll turn off the interconnector at the border to ensure we get play until stumps. You might have to make do with your transistor radios to keep up to date.


Is there a scribe out there who will be our eyes, ears and analyst for the days ahead?



  1. IJH,
    As a die hard from the South I am prepared to run my pen over day 1 at least.
    Given the hypocricy of the Australian selectors “he’s in, no he’s not in” on OUR Will I am keen to follow the outcome of Day 1 at least knowing that Burns and Patterson will probably score runs and the selectors will pat themselves on the back “well done”.

  2. Thanks, Citrus! I see it’s 44 in Mildura today and 46 tomorrow. Try to keep your cool, in more ways than one!

  3. Why was Puckovski overlooked ?


  4. Yet again Australia loses the toss. Paine must be a really bad tosser. Let’s hope the team dosen’t resort to having someone sandpapering the tossing coin.

  5. As a test match lover, of course I’ll watch. And having three Queenslanders in the team helps!!

  6. Peter Crossing says

    I’ve found it helpful to not watch any of the incessant Big Bash in preparation for the tests with Sri Lanka. And lo, at the end of a day of Test cricket, there it was again.

  7. Tough scheduling for the Test Cricket. Up against the Australian Open Tennis finals on #9. And the Synchronised Yobbo Diving Worlds live from Yarrawonga on #10.
    #7 must feel like the Cuban waiter who was Jennifer Lopez’s first husband.

  8. Had a power blackout here during the final session. Did I miss much? When the power was restored I saw the final 3 overs – all maidens.

  9. Over, all over Red Rover, in under 3 days.

    What more do we know about the Australians? Batting is a serious problem, Mitchell Starc is having a dreadful summer, Pat Cummins is a valuable bowler, Jhye Richardson had a good debut; back to the batting ? As i’ve mentioned prior this is the first Australian summer, so far, since 1886-87 no one has made a ton. Yes the suspended pair will return but they alone don’t make strong top 6. Let’s see if some one shines in Canberra.

    The victory on Saturday was much more a relief than a triumph. With visitors missing the injured Angelo Mathews, compounded by the investigation into the possible activities of some of their players, they seem even more disorganised than the home team. Beating Sri Lanka in Australia is a gimme, so let’s take it as that.

    Any how i will say it was good on Saturday to see us win our first test for 2019. Me getting the quaddy @ Caulfield capped off a pleasant Saturday. No cricket today; solution, drive up to Yea for the picnic races. Yea Cup today.


  10. I repeat on what i wrote on Day 1 comments. What a final day. Brilliant slips catches. Outstanding pace bowling from Cummins and Richardson, Lyon yet again unlucky, Starc entertaining everyone with his scatter gun bowling causing Paine to fly every where to stop the byes coming, not always successfully. Here’s a thought, should the next test have some dreary periods, perhaps a pair of streakers, hopefully 1 of each gender, could race onto the field. When apprehended by the long arm of the law, they could claim to be members of the Mitch Starc fan Club, appropriately named THE STARKERS – the again, perhaps not.

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