Almanac Cricket – 2nd Test, Pakistan v Australia at Abu Dhabi

After an brilliant spell from Nathan Lyon had Pakistan teetering, they fought back to manage a competitive total, then struck twice before stumps themselves. Another test in the balance.


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  1. John Butler says

    When are we going to acknowledge just how fine a cricketer Nathan Lyon has become? People always seem to focus on what he didn’t do, but I would have thought his efforts in the last few years have been outstanding.

  2. Why on earth was Siddle the night-watchman?
    Particularly given his ridiculous shot late in the second innings in Dubai!!

  3. Lyon from a groundsman at Ad oval to 314 test wickets later just a incredible achievement agree totally with
    Smokie if it was a night watchman it had to be Lyon as well.Pakistan have got themselves out of trouble that near run out and Holland’s poor last over before lunch to change momentum may turn out to be crucial.
    The old joke hi are the Marsh’s there sorry they’ve just gone out to bat ohh that’s ok I will hold thanks is the key today

  4. John Butler says

    As he departs for 3, it seems worth mentioning that S. Marsh averages 36 in test cricket, and 41 overall in first class cricket.

    This is his 34th test.

  5. John Butler says

    That Labuschagne dropped sitter in the first session yesterday is looking pretty costly now.

    Miracle escape number two possible?

    We’ll see.

  6. I don’t have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe how bad this performance is – at this rate we’ll lose to India 3-0

  7. No miracle escape this time, JB.

    That batting performance brought back memories of Hobart 2016.
    With Australian cricket, when the collapse is on, it’s on!

    S Marsh has scored 157 runs in his 11 Test innings since his ton in Sydney.

  8. It’s good seeing S Marsh outscore his first innings total.

    161 runs in his last 12 innings. What’s that average;13.42?


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