Almanac Cricket – Australia v India, First Test: Call for reporters



The Test series Australia v India commences with the 1st Test this Thursday.


The Footy Almanac joins Citrus Bob as he goes all over Australia to cover the Indian Test Tour as our pseudo–International Cricket Correspondent.


We would be delighted if Almanackers coming in from the Vauxhall Road End can join Citrus and compliment his daily reports.


There is a ‘new breed’ of cricket writers out there who actually believe that what happens on the field stays on the field hence CB’s appeal for writers to look at the great game as it happens throwing in their ‘penny-worth’ of thoughts as well.


CB’s report will be the first written word emanating from the Adelaide Oval so why not join him so that sporting people out there in never-never land can read  the game before any other written media.



Just put your name down in comments box or email, [email protected]  if you would like to join Citrus Bob  reporting on any day or all days at the beautiful Adelaide Oval.



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  1. Day 1 – Thursday – for me, please.

    Thanks, Citrus.

  2. Done Smokie!
    If possible send it in just after the close of play so that we beat everyone else to the punch. Love the first day with the “pinkie”
    Aussies will play Marnus and Marcus at the top of the order. Is this the first time that the openers were former gladiators or patricians in Rome’s glory years and have M & M ever opened the batting for Australia?

    Cameron Green will fill the other spot.

  3. Happy to do Friday (day 2)! Something tells me now Wade will open with Harris.

  4. Looking forward to the big match. I hope Wade is one of the openers. I also hope the Aussie captain turns out to be a pain in the backside to Kohli. I promise to add my comments about each day’s play.

  5. Sean – could be right re Wade – the “little Bulldog” does not lack ticker when it comes to a fight aka Neil Wagner (NZ). Look forward to your Friday report.

    Fisho – after this year I think we are all looking forward to Thursday afternoon. Comments will be greatly appreciated. Are you domiciled in Adelaide/ If so should catch up for a coffee before play.

    Bit worried about India’s attack unless they have been foxing in the “Trials” Jasprit B in particular.

  6. Love to share a coffee with you Bob, and yes I live in Adelaide. However have numerous health problems that don’t allow me to walk very far. My sports viewing these days is from the TV, unfortunately Can’t even go fishing anymore. Having Fox, I’ll be able to enjoy the cricket with minimal adds.

  7. Daryl Schramm says

    Lacking confidence to commit. I’m up to about 20 articles now I told myself I would do only to . . . .
    Am looking forward to the test. Don’t like day nighters. At least the weather looks promising. The cost of a warming port is too prohibitive. Be interesting who plays and where. I fancy Green should wait until Melbourne and doubtful the extra bowler will be required here.
    Cheers all

  8. Citrus – I’m available for the Perth Test. 2024?

  9. John Butler says

    PB, by 2024 do you reckon the new stadium will have been converted to an annex of the casino?

    And will the border be open by then?

  10. Bernard Whimpress says

    Submitted a piece a bit over an hour ago and hope it is in the mix of pre- Test comment.

  11. pb – good we will reserve that one for you. Should be a great game with your acerbic comments to back it up. Glad that it will be back at the WACA though.

    BW – your wisdom always valuable!

    DS – not sure whether we can fit you in seeing that you do not like to take short singles

  12. The Emerald Hill Chronicle says

    All the best Citrus. Will it go for five days? I think not…which may be a blessing for you, as those iridescent lemon dacks of yours will need a darn good wash!

    ( the Bob Utber dacks are the Almanac equivalent of Richie Benaud’s beige jacket)

  13. Washed them last year BSA. Coved 19 this year restricted washing.. 4 days and one session if Ned Kelly,so mate plays..
    Great eulogy congratulations.

  14. See you in Perth January 7 Citrus for the Covid Free 3rd Test. I’ve told Shandy the Wonder Dog (older than you in dog years) to move out of the spare room for you. Hope you haven’t been over the. border to Wentworth lately.
    Why would you play in Sydney with no crowd when you can have 60,000 here in the world’s healthiest city?
    If the Indians refuse to play we can have the first test between the Democratic Republic of Westralia and Terror Australia.
    S Marsh
    G Marsh
    C Bancroft
    A Turner
    M Stoinis
    M Marsh
    C Green
    R Marsh
    A Agar
    J Richardson
    J Behrendorff
    Coach – J Langer
    Manager – M McGowan

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Alan Turner PB – is he the compulsory NSW selection?

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