Almanac Contemplation: Anson Cameron’s latest (from the Fairfax press)


Worth a read.


Anson Cameron’s latest:





  1. When you leave a place you can’t get back in. Superb Anson.

    Your Shepp is my Montmorency. Just swap the river for the paddocks.

  2. Outstanding. Simply breathtaking.. Somewhere between Hartley’s clear eyed observation that kicks off The Go-Between and Faulkner’s view about the past not being past lies this impressive yarn. On my 50th birthday I observed that I could see 80 reasonably clearly but 20 was a blur.

    To have the Semi-Venerable and Lowey still in your present, and Shepp and the Murray ever there are small diagnostic truths for your compass. And ours. Ta and cheers

  3. Love it, A Cameron.
    Who are we?

    Felt a thrum of a Gatsby-by-the-Murray in there.

  4. Cannot begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed reading this on Saturday morning.
    Thanks AJC.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Like Smokie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the printed version of this on Saturday.
    Well played AJC.

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