Almanac 2017 Brownlow Tipping Competition – Results

With the raging favourite Dustin Martin seemingly over the line, the Almanac has come up with a little comp to give you an interest in the Brownlow Medal proceedings.

All you need to do is nominate the leading votegetters for any five clubs and predict the number of votes that they’ll poll.

The Fine Print

If you nominate Richmond as one of your five clubs, you must nominate who you think will poll the  second most votes for that club. For all other clubs, you are nominating their highest vote getter.

The winning entry will be assessed as follows:

a) the highest number of correctly tipped highest club vote getters wins the competition (i.e. players and clubs only; ignoring the nominated votes)

b) if there is no outright winning entry according to a), then the tie shall be broken as the entry with the lowest sum of the absolute difference between their nominated votes and the actual votes polled by all of their nominated players (not just the correct ones – I could concoct a formula a la the Almanac Tip The Top 8, but we are all friends here aren’t we?)

Where two or more players are tied as their team’s leading vote getter, each of these players shall be considered as a correct tip.

Players disqualified from the Brownlow (e.g. Patrick Dangerfield) are still to be considered in this competition.

If perchance Dusty doesn’t poll the highest for the Tiges, any Richmond nominations will be treated as if they were for their highest vote getter.

You can enter as many times as you want, but only your most recent entry will be considered.

Entries close 7pm on Brownlow Night.


The winning entry will receive a selection of Malarkey Publications to the value of $100

Please enter your tips using the form at this link

Enter Here

So have a crack and “good tipping”.

*** Results ***

First Placed – Ben Baudinette (Piffy) (5 correct, margin 8 votes)

Mitchell/Haw 25 (actual 25)
Kelly/GWS 23 (actual 21)
Sloane/Adelaide 22 (actual 20)
Bontempelli/Bulldogs 20 (actual 19)
Melbourne/Oliver 15 (actual 12)

Second Placed – Julian Macdonald (5 correct, margin 9 votes)

Mitchell/Haw 26 (actual 25)
Kelly/GWS 20 (actual 21)
Fyfe/Fremantle 16 (actual 15)
Bontempelli/Bulldogs 16 (actual 19)
Ablett/GC 17 (actual 14)

Third Placed – Lucas Lewit-Mendes (5 correct, margin 12 votes)

Merrett/Essendon 19 (actual 15)
Kelly/GWS 21 (actual 21)
Dangerfield/Geelong 37 (actual 33)
Ablett/GC 16 (actual 14)
Bontempelli/Bulldogs  21 (actual 19)




  1. I’ll go out on a limb.

    T Mitchell (Haw) 25 votes
    J Kennedy (Syd) 23 votes
    J Kelly (GWS) 21 votes
    R Sloane (Ade) 20 votes
    M Bontempelli (WB) 19 votes

    Winner winner chicken dinner?

  2. Lucas Lewit-Mendes says


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