Almanac Books – “The Last Dance” by Murray Walding



Murray Walding has a new book out.


Titled The Last Dance it’s the Lorne resident’s latest work, after titles such as Plastered and Blue Heaven on the culture of poster art and the Australian beach scene.


The Last Dance also returns to the waves, looking at 1960s Victoria through the eyes of a young surfer. It’s not all offshore winds and tubes though – the book casts an eye over the nightlife of Melbourne through the lens of youth from the Bayside suburbs.


It promises to be a fascinating read from a fine author, a story that will be relatable nostalgia for many and a wild adventure into a different time and place for others.


While the official launch isn’t until the day before the AFL Grand Final, Murray does have early copies available from selected local retailers, which can be found (alongside more info on the book and other titles) at:


RRP is $34.95


Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch with the author about getting your hands on a copy, shoot an email to:


[email protected]





  1. Congratulations Murray. Looking forward to having a read. I can think of quite a few Almanac types who will connect with it.

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    I’m looking forward to reading this Murray! Fond memories of Lorne in the 60s, The Arab,The Wild Colonial Club, and of course the beach! Congratulations! Col from Colac.

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