Almanac Books – ‘The Immortals of Australian Cricket’ by Liam Hauser

The start of the international cricket season brings with it a number of new publications well worth a look. Among these is Liam Hauser’s The Immortals of Australian Cricket (Rockpool Publishing).


Immortals of Cricket - Liam Hauser


Liam, a sometimes Almanacker, set out to select his ‘greatest Australian Test team’. With a thorough background knowledge gained from researching his previous books, A Century of Cricket Tests and A History of Test Cricket (both published by New Holland), this new appraisal of the very best players to don the baggy green is likely to provoke a few reactions. A full review will appear on the Almanac site soon.


No sneak peeks here – go out and support a fellow Almanacker and solve your Christmas gift problems all in one! Available from a wide range of bookshops and stores.


A cricket and rugby league tragic, Liam has worked as a sports reporter in country Queensland and the Riverina, and is the author of six books to date. A seventh on the Immortals of Australian rugby league is due for publication in 2019. You can contact him directly via email at






  1. Rabid Dog says

    I’ve got it. I’m reading it. And I’d still have Chappell G. at 4 ahead of anyone else.

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