Almanac Books – ‘The Immortals of Australian Cricket’ by Liam Hauser

The start of the international cricket season brings with it a number of new publications well worth a look. Among these is Liam Hauser’s The Immortals of Australian Cricket (Rockpool Publishing).


Immortals of Cricket - Liam Hauser


Liam, a sometimes Almanacker, set out to select his ‘greatest Australian Test team’. With a thorough background knowledge gained from researching his previous books, A Century of Cricket Tests and A History of Test Cricket (both published by New Holland), this new appraisal of the very best players to don the baggy green is likely to provoke a few reactions. A full review will appear on the Almanac site soon.


No sneak peeks here – go out and support a fellow Almanacker and solve your Christmas gift problems all in one! Available from a wide range of bookshops and stores.


A cricket and rugby league tragic, Liam has worked as a sports reporter in country Queensland and the Riverina, and is the author of six books to date. A seventh on the Immortals of Australian rugby league is due for publication in 2019. You can contact him directly via email at [email protected]






  1. Rabid Dog says

    I’ve got it. I’m reading it. And I’d still have Chappell G. at 4 ahead of anyone else.

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