Almanac Books: Footballistics – How the data analytics revolution is uncovering footy’s hidden truths

The “state of the game” is a frequently discussed topic around the Almanac at present.

Yesterday Curtis Del Mar shared his insights on the topic, on Friday Dips O’Donnell questioned the philosophical heart of the great game, and last Thursday Fearless found spirituality through the oval-shaped ball (at least when it’s being kicked at the Cattery).

Monday also marked the release date for a much-anticipated new book from ABC Grandstand reporter James Coventry titled Footballistics. Coventry, and his fellow footy thinkers, have used data (a word banned in most Australian pubs) to question some of footy’s oldest truisms.

Do umpires really favour the home side? Has goal kicking accuracy deteriorated? Is Geelong the true master of the draft?

While adopting a slightly different tack than the Almanackers, Footballistics might help to determine whether the “state of the game” really even is the state of the game.

My book review of Footballistics is forthcoming…

Footballistics is available at ABC stores, online and on Kindle


  1. John Butler says

    Brin, I’m no stats guru, but I enjoyed Time And Space, and I suspect I’ll find plenty in this one.

    I look forward to the review.


  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Grabbed mine today. Very readable and relatable so far. It’s a winner.

    Well done and thanks to all concerned.

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