Almanac Book Review: Kapunda Football club history

Bernard Whimpress has reviewed the Kapunda FC history. Called First Use of the Ball, it’s written by Paul McCarthy with contributions form a few others. As Bernard asserts, it’s one of the best club histories going around.


It can be read here at the Newtown Review of Books


Kapunda FC cover lower res

About Bernard Whimpress

Freelance historian (mainly sport) currently writing his 20th book. For the previous 15 years was Curator of the Adelaide Oval Museum and Historian for the South Australian Cricket Association. Will accept writing commissions with reasonable pay. Most recent books - The MCC Official Ashes Treasures and The Greatest Ashes Battles.


  1. An artful review thanks Bernard. Although I’ve an investment in the book I reckon it’s different to other grassroots footy histories in that it presents with sophistication. The sense of audience is wider than just those connected to the Kapunda Footy Club. As you suggest others would enjoy it. Plus, it references this great exchange-

    Supporter A: He kicked seventeen.
    Supporter B: Not bad. But did he do much around the ground?

  2. bernard whimpress says

    Thanks Mickey. Paul McCarthy and Danny Menzel also gave a sophisticated presentation to the Adelaide chapter of the Australian Society for Sports History at the Royal Hotel during the week and made sales to part of that wider group.

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