Almanac Book Launch: ‘Victor Richardson: A Great Australian All Round Sportsman’ – John Lysikatos

Official Book Launch



Victor Richardson: A great Australian All Round Sportsman – John Lysikatos

Wednesday  15 December 2021
Ilkaros Hall 24 Arthur Street Unley


You are invited to join host Wayne Phillips and author John Lysikatos, and their special guest Ian Chappell to launch this fantastic book in honour of the legendary Victor Richardson.


For further details about the launch please contact Bernard Whimpress: [email protected] 




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  1. James Lang says

    Australia’s greatest all round sports star. Vic Richardson’s incredible sporting feats are seriously under played. Looking forward to grabbing a copy

  2. Had a copy of his autobiography “The Vic Richardson Story” as a kid. Remember the tales of cricket in America with movie stars (often British) on the journey to Ashes tours. Vic was a dasher on and off the course.
    In the 60’s Vic was special comments man to Bob Bower’s ball-by-ball on ABC radio for Sheffield Shield games. They had a glass fronted open booth at the very back of the Creswell (now Bradman) Stand at the southern end of Adelaide Oval. Remember sneaking up the back row to watch over their shoulder and being shooshed away for not being quiet enough (never could keep my mouth shut).
    Vic was a brilliant footballer winning a Magarey Medal at Sturt, and a genius all round sportsman – tennis, golf and baseball.
    The “new” eastern gates at Adelaide Oval in the 70’s being called the Victor Richardson Memorial Gates (who isn’t even dead yet).
    Vic seemed to combine being a Menzies style Anglophile with being a rakish jack the lad. Hope the book mines all the sides of a great sportsman and raconteur.

  3. Looking forward to this coming out. John Lysikatos has been a great chronicler of the Sturt Football Club history for many years now.

  4. Peter Flynn says

    I’m intending to attend.

    The Silver Vixen has a say in this.

  5. Promises to be a great read. According to Ian Chappell, Richardson (Chappell’s grandfather) was no fan of Bradman, the man, but respected his cricketing ability.

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