Almanac Book Cover 2016: Creazione di Gentilezza


Michelangelo’s “Creazione di Adamo” (“Creation of Adam”) stands as a wonderous work.


Season 2016 ended with a defining gesture; the birth of public love and kindness in football.

My nomination for The Footy Almanac 2016 cover nomination is: “Creazione di Gentilezza” (“Creation of kindness”).




“Creazione di Gentilezza” – click to enlarge (Apologies to Michelangelo)


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Luke Beveridge, the Bulldogs faithful and Play On – by John Harms


Giving in to a moment of kindness – by Dan Tooms


Let’s talk about love – by Matt Zurbo


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  1. Or Hand of Dog?

  2. Nice idea but Michelangelo charges a bomb.

  3. Barkly St End says

    Creazione di gentilezza.

    A nod to a generation of Italians who moved into Footscray and the surrounding area over the 60s and 70s. La Scala operated as an Italian language cinema, right near where the tram stops for about 25 years. Either side were shops specialising in Italian pastries, and you could even get a decent coffiee from very early on. A family friend used to run a little newspaper kiosk at the front entrance to the cinema.

    The tradition continues with famous bulldog names such as Bontempelli, Liberatore and Crameri (had to throw that last one in just to help me along a bit).

  4. Good call, Barkly St End.

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