Almanac Blind Tennis: Help locals to reach the inaugural Blind Tennis International Tournament – in Spain

from Maurice Gleeson


Rally for our Blind Tennis Players!


Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria conduct a blind tennis program and we are fortunate to have been invited to the first-ever Blind Tennis International Tournament which is being held in Spain in May 2017.

Playing tennis for the participants of the blind tennis program involves using directional hearing or limited vision to determine the location, speed and direction of a ball containing an audible bell.

We’d like you to think of your tennis game and how you feel about it. Now, imagine what it would be like to play without your sight….    I also encourage you to one day try and play the game.  Impossible!!

Players have spent several years training and five have now been selected to represent Australia in the first-ever Blind Tennis International Tournament in Spain. However, for most of the participants their only source of income is the disability allowance.

If you are able to provide a donation to assist these players to compete internationally supported by volunteers, it would be warmly welcomed.   It would also be appreciated if you could send this link throughout your networks.

Can you help us get there?

Follow this link both to (i) assist and to (ii) watch a short clip from SBS on this initiative:

Thank you.


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