Almanac beer ads: If she’s a girl who knows how to catch trout


  1. Don’t remember the advert, but I remember, and miss, the larger.

  2. Keiran Croker says

    I do remember the ad. Though it was probably before I started drinking. Back when choice of beers was limited Abbotts and Melbourne Bitter were considered the pick.

    If you have time have a look at the following ads, including the Golden Fleece one, which is actually a training film. I don’t think they had cottoned on to the idea of editing yet… It goes for 20min.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Following on from Keiran’s comments, if you’ve got a spare hour (or more) have a squiz at the collection of Aussie televisual nuggets put together by conniptions886 on YouTube.

  4. I was Googling to see if there were any ads for the old Southwark Bitter “Green Death” that all Croweaters of a certain age will remember.
    I stumbled on this great article about current SANFL premiers West Adelaide (they broke a 61 year drought – so there is still hope for Neil Anderson’s Bulldogs).
    Westies were always called the Blood ‘n Tars in my time in Adelaide, which was a unique enough nickname in its own right. They play in the red and black – same as Essendon. Naturally enough the name was generally shortened to “Bloods”.
    All South Australians will know that West End beer and brewery has red and black colours on the label of its (infamous) Draught. Lo and behold this article says that Westies were once known as “the Bottletops”. Sounds like a Motown group.

  5. Neil Anderson says

    As we approach the 62 year Bulldog drought anniversary I always welcome stories of other drought breakers thank-you Peter. Not sure if I like my name springing to mind re the Bullies long-wait, but at least it means I’m that loyal guy on the Eastern Seaboard who has stuck with them since 1954.
    On Bulldog premiership-night when the nurses and doctors leave the room, I will be sampling every type of ale, even West End and Coopers as well as Vic Bitter poured into the intravenous drip bag.

  6. In what year/s did that advertisement air?
    I don’t remember it at all.

  7. I think I have a couple of Southwark ads somewhere – I’ll have a look tonight; if I’ve got ’em, I’ll upload ’em!

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