Almanac artists will paint you the world’s most personal gift

Dips final

G’day Sportsfans

Kate Birrell, who painted the Luke Hodge image for The Footy Almanac 2013, was commissioned to knock something up for our little mate and stalwart of the Almanac, Dips O’Donnell. (Dips does wonders with five loaves and two fishes)

The brief:

50th birthday present

mild-mannered suburban accountant (signified by the Hillard O’Donnell hording)

ran third in the Stawell Gift

loves the Stawell Gift and Central Park, Stawell

mad Geelong fan

loves Bobby Davis.

It worked out beautifully. Dips loves the painting.



We have a number of artists ready to go.

Contact us here at the Almanac.

Ned Wilson  [email protected]       John Harms   [email protected]





  1. We have found the cover to the Footy Almanac 2014.
    Sub title “Catmanac concedes team now too old and slow.”

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Yep, left out a semi-colon by the looks of it

  3. I imagine the painting has an amusing ‘running’ title, such as “Pain now … beer later” which I saw on a jogger’s shirt while enjoying an ale myself.

    This looks great.

    Kate is a very fine painter (as can be seen from the 2013 Almanac cover). She paints movement as if writing poetry and I love her sense of colour. There is a certain joie de vere in the Dips painting, as there is in the painting of Hodge that would appear to be the artist’s signature. This makes her work leap off the canvas.

    All this is to say that while I can understand her mind’s eye bringing the King of Colac to life so vividly in a painting, it must have been a damn sight harder commission to do the same for an old fart like Dips.

    So well done Kate and Dips, you look good old man.


  4. Great work Kate. I agree with Rick.
    Swish- correct! A semi-colon, or should it be semi:colon, can change everything. Just as capital letters are pretty important in this sentence- I helped my Uncle Jack off his horse.

  5. Personally I think Kate’s painting is fair dinkum unbelievable.

  6. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Great stuff Kate. You’ve made the diminutive one look larger than life. Happy Birthday Dips. All the best to you old boy.

  7. Malcolm Ashwood says

    A Brilliant Painting Kate and Happy Birthday Dips

  8. Luke Reynolds says

    Absolutely fantastic painting Kate, and congratulations on the half century Dips, double it up now!

  9. E.regnans says

    Brilliant job, Kate.
    What a talent you have.

    Happy birthday Dips.
    Go well.

  10. John Butler says

    So young Dips!

    Still time for a growth spurt.

    Many happy returns. :)

  11. JB – I had my growth spurt one Saturday in 1978.

  12. Brilliant, Kate!

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