Almanac Art: Out came the Sherrin




'Out came the Sherrin'


Gallipoli Prize Entry



Susan Sutton

Artist Statement


Title   – ‘Out came the Sherrin’



They were so young and spirited, their energy was intense.


A short break in military order … they let loose !

‘Out came the Sherrin’ !


Back home on green grass and muddy paddocks, they had played weekly for their now sadly depleted country teams.


In the heat and the sandy dust of this remote, foreign land … ‘Out came the Sherrin’ … and for a rare, brief, boisterous, glorious moment in time they were ‘home’ ! 



I created this image combining my ongoing interest in both Australian sport and military life.

In my research I compared historical photographs of country football teams in the early 1900s with those of massed soldiers at the Gallipoli front, particularly in moments of relaxation.

The close companionship and bonding which develops from playing in a team can easily be compared and related to Army life.

In 1915 those young men who were little more than boys, naturally would have needed diversion from the shocking hardships they faced.

Amidst the overwhelming mayhem of their situation, I have attempted to convey a momentary outbreak of sheer revelry.




Susan Sutton

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  1. Wonderful stuff Susan. You have given them nobility and strength like Ancient Olympus.

  2. Congratulations Susan…and good luck. Painting looks fabulous

  3. Neil Anderson says

    Now that is great art! My Almanac 2014 copy signed by yourself has suddenly increased in value. Good luck.

  4. Cat from the Country says

    Love your painting. You have certainly captured footy!

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