All Australian Team: Is this the best? Who missed out?

The 2016 AFL All Australian Team has been announced.


This is certainly a strong team capable of beating anyone, considering they have no-one really to play against and it is really a ceremonial team, but who do you think was stiff to miss out?


Lachie Neal is one, tell us who missed out on the 40 man squad that should have been there.


What do you like about the team, Enright, Boyd, 3 Crows players, is Selwood best for Captain or appointed by default?



Dane Rampe – Sydney

Alex Rance – Richmond

Jeremy McGovern – West Coast


Half Backs

Heath Shaw – GWS

Daniel Talia – Adelaide

Corey Enright – Geelong



Dan Hannebery – Sydney

Josh Kennedy – Sydney

Rory Sloane VC – Adelaide


Half Forwards

Toby Greene – GWS

Lance Franklin – Sydney

Cyril Rioli – Hawthorn



Eddie Betts – Adelaide

Josh Kennedy – West Coast

Tom Lynch – Gold Coast



Max Gawn – Melbourne

Joel Selwood C – Geelong

Patrick Dangerfield – Geelong



Marcus Bontempelli – Western Bulldogs

Luke Parker  Sydney

Dustin Martin – Richmond

Matthew Boyd – Western Bulldogs




  1. Luke Reynolds says

    For the second year in a row, Pendlebury has wrongly missed out. No doubt the form of his team and the ultra high standards he has set in his career have counted against him.

  2. I’m clouded in my judgement of what is and isn’t fair by the degree of love and hate I have for each team (e.g., I’ll never accept that any Hawthorn player has a legitimate claim to being all-Australian). I am happy in my inability to be objective; that’s my role as a fan.

    I’d like to have seen a captain chosen from among the players, not just Selwood because he is a captain. Why couldn’t they have chosen someone who shows exceptional leadership on the field regardless of formal titles?

    I usually avoid watching boring award ceremonies (apart from the Brownlow), but I did watch this one and the big question for me is: why do they have to wear a stupid jackets to look like a cricket team? What’s wrong with giving them a nice medal? I can see the jackets ending up in kids’ dress-up drawers in years to come (and not being worn because they are too naff).

  3. Rory Laird yes he missed 5 games but the precedent was set last year picking,Deledio s Afl team of the week is picked and Laird made it on 10 occasions which was the most by a Crow and one of the highest of any player in the comp if this team is not a guide re for the all aust afl team of the year don’t bloody pick it.Laird in missing,5 games if that is the reason he is not picked don’t have him in the squad and have a set rule in place re minimum number of games to be eligible ( there is not) Once picked in the squad had there for,HAD to be in the team

  4. I reckon they (the selectors) stuffed up big time. Greene had a very good year, but you already have 2 small forwards – it would have been better to name Parker on HFF and thus get another midfielder on the bench. Also, there’s no way Boyd (defender), had a better year than some of the stellar midfielders.

    So my obvious changes would be IN: Neale, Mitchell OUT Greene, Boyd.

    It’s an insult that Neale and Sam Mitchell aren’t in this team. Neale had an outstanding season in a crap team, while Mitchell is the best user of the ball in modern football history and had a cracking season. Jack Steven is also one who should have been in ahead of Greene and Boyd. Steven has now had 3 superb seasons in a row – where’s the reward here?

    Some other points:
    -I think Robbie Gray should have been in the squad of 40.
    -It’s obvious that Luke Darcy got Boyd in. Give me a break. It’s easy to play in the back line these days.
    -I thought Kade Simpson deserved recognition, but no the selectors had to give Enright a 6th gig.
    -Martin should be starting on the field, not the bench, swapping with Selwood, who was v.good but not as good as Martin in 2016.

  5. I Like your thought process Gill, not sure Selwood is best for Captain but he is the only Captain and he goes all right, can’t see who else could take that job. Re the jackets at least they don’t have to wear stupid caps that the Rugby boys are presented with. They almost need propellers on top.

    DBalassone raises the elephant in the room why Greene was selected. I get it tht they wanted to put in a true half forward and not a mid fielder who can score goals but how many teams do that? Most of them use a midfielder who rotates and scores goals, Luke Parker is very good in that role and that allows another true midfielder to come on interchange.
    While Mitchell is the general with ball disposal his influence is waning.

  6. @ davep
    How about Heath Shaw for captain? His on-field leadership is fantastic.

  7. @ Gill He certainly organised GWS into shape, I wouldn’t be unhappy with it.

  8. Peter Schumacher says

    Yes, definitely Shaw as captain!

  9. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Would have thought Treloar deserved a spot on the bench. Pendles was ok, but not up to AA standards this year. Another Collingwood conspiracy…

  10. Is there room for Cyril and Betts in the same forward line?

  11. There is in Bruce McAvaney’s I would suspect. Deeeelllishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhusssssssss!

  12. So I guess unless you’re crazy dominant (see Rance, Gawn, Martin), you’re out of luck if you play for a weaker team.
    In late July I’d have thought Steven was a shoo-in, but he labored some late under heavy tagging. I can’t argue. But…
    * No Lachie Neale?
    * Matthew Boyd in?
    * Dusty not in the top 18?
    * No Kade Simpson? Maybe he was hurt by Enright’s strong finish.
    You’d like to think selectors have some special insight and objectivity, but we have the same problems in the States. And you can’t keep track of all the conflicts of interest in your media without a scorecard. Freo and Carlton obviously don’t have enough lobbyists.
    * Also, I’m not arguing for All-Australian selection, but I’d think Nick Riewoldt would captain the “Turn Back the Clock” team. Maybe he’ll be rewarded with one more finals berth next year.

  13. Interesting re the being recognised in a weaker side line must remember how footy is played these dad re the plus one role I would argue there for Simpson role is easier to be noticed than in a real strong side.
    Neale disposal let him down and again with today’s footy re offence and defence that it hurts more re a turn over both good decisions not making the side and again re Zax Merrett yes he had a good year but let’s see next year when teams will actually care when he has the footy and it is not just in the bombers back half.Cameron Ling on radio tonight said it really hurt,Laird having missed,5 games yet they picked bloody,Deledio last year and Lairds year has been a mile better he doesn’t go,MIA either.
    Introduce a rule have to play say 19 games to be eligible then.Dips v much so I reckon they would be dynamite together.How bout,Brayshaws stupidity re Tarrant v Talia the latter beaten twice for the year absolutely no comparison it’s the equal of saying,Nathan Lyons a better bowler than,Shand Warne sheer stupidity.Laird to me is more than unlucky.

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