AFLW Trade Period 2019

The sun has barely set on the triumphant Adelaide Crows’ AFLW season and they’ve been buoyed further by the recent revelation that the courageous “Yin” to two-time league Best and Fairest “Yang” Erin Phillips, Chelsea Randall, has resisted overtures from the West to remain in South Australia for at least another year.


It reflects well upon the Crows’ belief that saluting twice in three years is just the start of their success in the women’s game.


Leaving aside Randall, all the talk has been about who will leave their clubs for the quartet of expansion sides – Gold Coast, Richmond, St Kilda and West Coast, with the strongest chatter around the star tall forwards Sabrina Frederick-Traub and Katie Brennan.


Such is the nature of a rapidly expanding league that only offers single year, semi-professional contracts that player movement occurs at a breakneck pace – we’ve already had our first “three-teamer” (Melbourne/GWS/Geelong’s Madeleine Boyd) – how long until someone puts on a fourth or fifth guernsey? The loyalty to a club that is so richly lauded in the men’s league just simply isn’t feasible beyond the mere handful of marquee players ensconced deep in clubland. Perhaps the majority of AFLW fans are fine with this, providing opportunities exist, regardless of colours. The near-universal attitude from fans to revel in the accolades of players across club lines also reinforces this.


One thing is for certain, with dozens of young players in the Maddy Prespakis and Nina Morrison mould set to join the league next year and between four and eight players able to be “poached” from existing clubs by the expansion sides, we’re in for an interesting and exciting ride.


So Almanackers, who would you like to see turn out for your club in 2020? Which players do you think will make a move? Let us know below in the comments.




  1. Dave Brown says

    Overjoyed to have Chelsea at the Crows for another year. I suspect Sarah Perkins will move on, hopefully a Victorian club is in need of a full forward. Other than that I’m not sure how much movement we’ll have. The Crows are somewhat insulated from the expansion due to the part-time nature of the football at this stage.

  2. DB; it seems a little unfair for some clubs to be, as you say, isolated from the player poaching/movements because it allows those clubs to build a strong experienced team while other teams keep losing talent and going back to square one. Fans might be supportive of the women players generally but they still want to see an even comp in which their club has a chance at success. Mind you the conference system also has to be sorted for that to happen. The Blues really should not have been in the gf.

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    My wish list was that the six Southern Saints that we’re drafted to other teams for 2019 come back to St Kilda. Day 1… Aly Drennon ??

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    That was meant to be a tick not question marks next to Ali Drennan.

  5. John Butler says

    Early blows to the Dogs. It’s going to be a painful trade period for several clubs. Hoping the Blues can hang on to their stars.

    But I think this post nails it. The real future for most sides lies in the young players coming through.

  6. I know it is partly business, and all is fair in love and war etc..but…
    If I was a Bulldogs supporter I would be very disappointed in Katie Brennan.

  7. Dave Brown says

    Yep, BJ, true. But then again one third of the Crows’ squad lives 3000km away from the other two thirds so there’s a few swings and roundabouts in terms of the benefits of their location. As one of the coaches was briefly lampooned for saying last year (but has subsequently been proved to be entirely on the money), a lot has to go right for a club to win a premiership. So, still plenty to happen.

  8. Yvette Wroby says

    If clubs could offer 2-3 year contracts and the women were paid big bucks by the clubs then I can understand people complaining about loyalty. As it is they are loyal and give all they have while they are there. As for some older players like Sarah Perkins, they are being passed by now by younger players. Don’t know if I would take her or Sabrina, terrific as they are, at Saints. There body size and strength would be great but they are slower. It’s more of a running game.

  9. Jarrod_L says

    You’re bang on the money (pardon the pun) Yvette; loyalty is all well and good when the blokes give up $150,000 a year to stay at their first club – but they’re still on at least three times that amount – for usually at least three years – in their early 20s. If you’re an AFLW player then loyalty is little more than a pipedream really – even for the Katie Brennans of the world.

    Mandated list churn, the sheer quality gap between most current players and the girls coming through U18s now & one-year contracts (thankfully two-year contracts are just around the corner) mean there *has* to be movement on a scale we’d never see in the men’s comp.

  10. Looks like you’re in luck with Ali, Yvette!

  11. Bri Davey has come seemingly out of nowhere – wanting to switch to the old enemy no less!

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