AFLW Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Letting emotion out

Western Bulldogs versus Melbourne
7:05 pm, Saturday, 17 March 2018
Whitten Oval, Melbourne


By Yoshi Imagawa


Last weekend’s loss to GWS made me  worried about the ending of the Dogs’ season because Melbourne has been flag favourites. Even ABC radio presenters predicted Dees to win.


I admit I am a bloke who lets emotion out easily. It’s good for honesty but costs relations with others often. I do know such actions are inappropriate in many fields, but sadly I am good at doing other things and talented in other fields.


On the game day, I expressed my emotion non-verbally at work. I  feared my behaviour would punish my Bulldog girls.


But I was so relieved to hear Bulldogs got the AFLW Grand Final tickets, after my shift.


Meanwhile, I also let my emotion out whilst watching the last minutes of Fremantle versus Carlton live at my break. I was so excited to see the Blue girls’ good efforts on the field.


My passions for footy have come back completely. Even I know I have to behave well here in Japan, it’s hard for me to stop letting my emotion out while watching footy. Probably I need to practise letting all emotion out on the footy field with the mighty Dingoes while kicking the footy.


The game was important for both sides. Melbourne needed to win for the potential Grand Final appearance. Dogs had to win by at least by three to four goals to play the Grand Final. I just wanted Dogs to win to secure the Grand Final ticket without other clubs’ results in Round Seven.


Once the ball was bounced, Dees dominated. But our defender Scott picked footy from the opponent’s handball punching hard.


Spark also showed good skills by handballing. Bulldog girls showed hunger for the Grand Final and home ground spirits.


But after the good ball handling with Blackburn’s incept mark, kicks to Conti and then to Birch, and Birch’s handpass, Demons made a turnover.


The comment made by St Kilda assistant coach Peta Searle applied to the actions and is a good reminder of me playing footy, “When windy, it’s hard to make a good ball movement.”


Finally, Cranston kicked a goal from 40 metres out, 30 degrees angle on the left.


A handpass made by Kearney to Utri reminds me we need to stretch arms to still handball if being tackled. I am watching footy with views as a player these days.


All inside 50s were created by Melbourne. Dogs were kept in kennels. We showed good efforts in the last minute in the first quarter, but no point was given to the home side.


In the second quarter, Conti could not chase the footy after Lamb’s kick.


Blackburn’s kick went bouncing, but  to the left of the main goal post.


Utri took a good mark from Lochland. But another miss.


Dogs snarled eventually. Kearney kicked a goal 45 metres out and it put Dogs in front.


But Dogs missed other opportunities afterwards.


Then returned captain Brennan released her emotion having missed games. Teague pushed Brennan in a contested mark. The top daughter of the West was awarded a free kick and scored a goal.


Then Berry ran and scored a goal. I need to remind myself to run in if I can’t kick a goal from the distance I’m at to finish my job on the field.


But Demons hit back. Paxman took an uncontested mark 20 metres out. It was easy for her to score a goal with a 45-degree angle. She is said she is clever.


Kearney fumbled in the opponent’s goal square late in the second quarter, but Dogs got back. Doggies led by seven points in the main break.


Melbourne pushed Bulldogs in the third quarter. But Scott’s tackles were impressing.


However, Dees throw evil arrows to goal posts. Katherine Smith kicked her first AFLW goal and put her Dees in front again.


Utri took a good mark but then an incept mark was taken by the opponent.


Newman’s running with two bounces and kicking that I need to remember only brought her club a point. We need to find a good angle and calm before kicking a goal.


Toogood took a mark inside 50, but didn’t kick straight to goal posts. I was taking a note with “why?” “Packed?” Please explain!


In the last quarter, Kearney kicked like soccer and attempted to pick the ball, but was collided. Her technique is what I need to learn too.


Brennan kicked to Lochland and then to Conti. She was tackled and awarded a free kick. Her kick from the left was nearly hitting a goal post; getting six points.


Then Hore took a good mark and scored a goal 30 metres out. Dees were in front.


Sadly potential crucial moment occurred in the game because of the decision no free-kick was given in a tackle that Lochland was involved.


Young Conti played hard taking a huge mark 65 metres out but kicked towards the boundary line.


Then Bruton kicked towards Lochland. The most goal kicking AFLW player finished her job from the left side.


I raised my arms at a local Starbucks where I was watching the replay on Sunday morning. I let my emotion out in the public place. It’s reflecting on how passionate I am loving footy and Bulldog girls.


The siren sounded. The mighty ‘Scray girls got the Grand Final ticket on their own. My eyes were wet – another emotion to let out.


Lochland’s eyes were wet whilst she was interviewed by Samantha Lane.


Later on Sunday, I felt I was improving my footy skills at the Dingoes training. But bouncing was hard and my kicking was inaccurate at the end. When I didn’t perform well, I bent my knee on the ground, like did Demon girls in the Whitten Oval.


Next week, Bulldog girls and Saint boys are playing on the same day. I am making two different reports on the Almanac sites. Plus my footy training details will be added in one of them.


Go the Doggies, the Saints and the Dingoes!!


WESTERN BULLDOGS 0.0 3.2 3.2 5.3 (33)
MELBOURNE 1.1 2.1 3.7 4.7 (31)


Western Bulldogs: Kearney, Brennan, Berry, Lochland, Conti
Melbourne: Cranston, Paxman, Smith, Hore


Western Bulldogs: Kearney, Blackburn, Bruton, Spark, Conti, Birch
Melbourne: Paxman, Smith, L Pearce, Downie, O’Dea, Jakobsson


3. Spark (WBU); 2. Conti (WBU); 1. Paxman (MEL)


Umpires: Mirable Dore, Johanson

Official crowd: 7593

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