AFLW Round 7 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: Bulldogs and Samurai Spirits

Saturday, 18 March 2017
7:10 pm (8:10 am York, UK and 5:10 pm Kyoto)
Manuka Oval, Canberra



We have been talking about having spirits in our hearts for a while. My British girlfriend Katie has Bulldog spirits from the time British soldiers fought for their country, while I inheritance Samurai spirits from old years when they fought to gain powers to govern the country. Our spirits are combined now to build our bright and fulfilling future with a great relationship.


Last year Bulldog spirits blossomed in the boys competition winning their second flag with breaking the 62-year drought. Their female counterparts have been doing hard to establish women’s footy for years. Before AFLW launched this year, they had played exhibition matches against Melbourne Demons. Bulldogs dominated in these exhibition matches showing their great spirits on the footy field.


Sadly 2017 is not a year for Bulldog girls. In the previous week, they gave away tickets to play Grand Final to Brisbane Lions. They were struggling with winning; only won a game as Round 6. The girls needed to win to avoid winning the wooden spoons and to answer our spirits.


On the other side of the world from both of us, the game was played. As I have limited access to the live game and full replay, once again the match highlight on AFL app is the great source to write this story. I put much efforts with my Samurai spirits.


At the first quarter, long runs with bounces and tackles were seen and Bulldogs were so brave. Wildes tackled Beeson at the beginning, but Bulldog spirits faced big walls created huge humans. We seemed to need longer times to deliver bulldog spirits from England to Australia.


Even Giant girls dominated first after their first break. Barr ran well with swifts and kicked towards the goal pockets. Then Barclay who used to play baseball took a mark and scored the first goal for the game. And Beeson caught a ball after the congestion and scored another goal.


Bulldogs were scared with a pack of giant human beings? They were supposed to scare opponents in the way you would see in their logo with the strong spirits.


However Bulldog girls seemed to start boosting our spirits coming from the Northern Hemisphere. Ball up was done at the boundary line near Bulldogs’ goal square. Lambert turned over well and scored a goal from her left foot. Bulldog spirits were back now!


After their first goal under the congested circumstances, Blackburn tried to play on as showing her strong bulldog spirits, but the umpires told her to relax and let her teammate Scott to kick. She was awarded a free kick and used her bulldog spirits scoring a goal. Then girls seemed to have enough rest at the main break when gained more energy for bulldog spirits.


Siren sounding to inform us the restart of the match, great ball works and marks inside 50 were seen on the field. McDonald’s good mark didn’t bring any goal, but their spirits never ended. Left footer Lambert scored her second goal later at the third quarter.


At the last quarter, GWS answered to Lambert’s second goal, but it didn’t stop Bulldog girls. Being tackled only motivated female Bulldogs. McLeod answered well by kicking a goal. And later, Blackburn scored another goal from 50 metres away.


Bulldogs showed experiences at the match with their mature spirits and adopting our mixture of spirits. I thank Katie for bringing us and the Bulldogs great spirits.


Greater Western Sydney 0.1 2.1 2.2 3.2 (20)
Western Bulldogs 0.2 2.5 4.6 7.10 (52)


Greater Western Sydney – Barclay, Beeson, McWilliams
Western Bulldogs – Lamb 2, Gogos, McLeod, Lambert, Scott, Blackburn

Greater Western Sydney – Swanson, Dal Pos, Barclay, Barr, Beeson
Western Bulldogs – Blackburn, Kearney, Scott, Lochland, Lamb


Our Votes: Blackburn (WBU 3), Lambert (WBU 2), Beeson (GWS 1)

UMPIRES: Nic McGinness, Vic Rawlings, Matt Geddes

CROWD: 6,460

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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Thanks for your report Yoshi, It was the great fight not to be wooden spooners. Bulldogs this year (AFLW) had a lot of injuries too, especially to their best players.

    Well done for winning this one

  2. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for your comment and yes Bulldog girls fought well at their last game for the season.

    I hope they are playing well next season and St Kilda have a women team in the near future.



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