AFLW Round 7 – GWS Giants v Brisbane Lions: The Queens of the Jungle

7.05 EDT Friday 16th March 2018

Blacktown International Sports Park Sydney

Yvette Wroby


It is the beginning of a huge round of AFLW and three out of the four matches will determine who plays in the AFLW Grand Final on Saturday 24th March.  So not much riding on these games at all.


GWS has played some magnificent football to be a contender.


Brisbane Lions has been out of sorts and not their Grand Final 2017 selves.


This game is the first of the three versions of a Preliminary Final being played this weekend. Only, for one of these teams to make the big dance, others must fall over.


With Foxtel at the ready, and my pen and paper handy, I watch GWS, through Britt Tully, score truly and the Giants have attacked the goals three times early. They are switched on. And then, not so much.


The Brisbane Lions show has begun.


Jess Wuetschner gets a point from a free before Sabrina Frederick-Traub shows what we’ve seen little of this season – her inner wonder-woman. She snaps around the body. There is ferocious tackling now by the Lions as it is all their team doing the attacking and it leads to a Brisbane free and another Sabrina goal from 45 metres out. Perfect. Now it is ALL Brisbane. Wuetschner again from terrific passing. (A GWS player is off for a concussion test.) Sophie Conway runs forever and snaps truly. Frederick-Traub gets her 3rd before Wuetschner her second.


Now we have Brisbane and the Western Bulldogs on a tie for kicking the most goals in an AFLW quarter, ever.


The teams go into their huddles at quarter time with the Lions leading by 31 points. GWS never recover.


Who could?


In the second quarter, it is a tightly contested, scrappy game and when Kate McCarthy puts another on the scoreboard after speeding into an empty goal square; a footrace at the footy.


GWS on the other hand, are snapping away when they have the ball in their forward line, with no good results. Two behinds for all their effort. It is, in footballer parlance, a dour quarter of footy.


On resumption of play, Jodie Hicks gets the ball to Phoebe McWilliams (who is well held most of the game) and she passes to Courtney Gum who goals. It’s followed by an out of bounds on the full and a point. You can see all these errors are eroding the GWS team confidence and hope, and it is particularly smashed when Sharni Webb smacks through another for the Lions. Cora Staunton, who has had such an impact in earlier matches and held well today. She breaks free, runs her guts out and goals. It is her teams last for the game.


The final quarter is messy, with the Lions roaring through Frederick-Traub and Wuetschner to beat the Giants by 40 points.


The weirdest part to know is that the rest is out of Brisbane’s hands. Their hope and fate now depend on the weekend of games. Whoever they play, better contain Frederick-Traub and Wuetschner. From what they, and the other Lioness’s showed today, they are on a mission. You can hear those women roar from all the way down here.



GWS:                                        1.1         1.3         3.5               3.6         (24)

Brisbane Lions:                  6.2         7.3         8.4               10.4       (64)


Goals: GWS: Tully, Gum, Staunton

Brisbane Lions: Frederick-Traub 4,  Wuetschner 3, McCarthy, Conway, Webb.

Best: GWS: Eva, Tully, Dal Pos, Randall

Brisbane Lions:  Frederick-Traub, Wuetschner, Bates, Anderson, Zielke, Lutkins

Crowd: 2253

Malarkey Votes: 3 Frederick-Traub, 2 Wuetschner, 1 Anderson



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  1. You’re kind and passionate enough to comment on everyone else’s AFLW article, so the least I can do is reciprocate!

    As you say this game was scrappy in parts, but at the end of it, my overall feeling was that it was far from that: maybe that excellent first quarter over-rode the rest?

    No, unfortunately I won’t be in Melbourne for the GF but will certainly be barracking loudly from afar.

    Congratulations on all the hard work you’ve put into AFLW this year.

  2. DanielleSpicer says

    A glorious game I have watched three times now :) FoxSports had the foresight to replay it directly after the Collingwood/Adelaide game yesterday which sees the mighty Lions into the grand final! And it was EXACTLY what I felt like watching. Hopefully we can maintain that form on Saturday – I may be needing to call in sick all next week!

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