AFLW Round 6 – GWS Giants v Western Bulldogs: Where are the Bulldogs snarls?

GWS Giants versus Western Bulldogs
7:10pm, Saturday, 10 March 2018
UNSW Canberra Oval


By Yoshi Imagawa


This is another story created with knowledge of loss first and then watching replay (it had happened with men’s preseason match of Melbourne versus St Kilda).


Bulldogs started well. Giants ruck hit out, but we turned over. Eventually Lochland took a mark 55 metres out and McLeod picked Lochland’s kicked footy and scored a soccer style goal.


Good efforts were made within a minute from the first bounce.


But Bulldogs missed opportunities twice later. Conti ran, bounce and kicked in the hot spot. Gogos picked the ball but pushed towards the very left.


Then Lochland missed by kicking to the right from 35 meters out.


At 6:44 remaining in the first quarter Barclay took a good mark 50 metres out and kicked towards Schmidt who converted.


But the Bulldog girls showed all important skills needed. Handballing, kicking efficiently, chasing and tackling. These skills are what we Dingoes train every time and our coach Matt stresses their importance.


Just a minute later from Schmidt’s goal, Conti scored a soccer style goal.


At 1:41 remaining, I learnt that chasing the player who was about to score a goal was important.


Tackling reduces their chance to score a goal.


GWS were about to score and Bulldogs defenders changed the ball movement well.


Scott took a good mark in the centre field, but Lamb’s kick from 45 metres out after the siren didn’t reach the goal line.


Bulldogs still dominated at the beginning of the second quarter. McLeod maintained the space and ran and scored a goal within a minute.


But Giants started shaking the ground shortly scaring the puppies.


After missing a few opportunities, Hunt tackled illegally on Walker. A 50-metre penalty was applied and Dal Pos scored a goal after Staunton handballed to her. Giants put them in front by two points.


Just before the main break, Staunton was running swiftly and finding space. She ended in scoring a goal. GWS led by eight in the main break.


Doggies were scared at the third quarter – missing opportunities in the goal pocket, missing marks and couldn’t find their way out of congestion.


In the first four minutes, Blackburn was tackled. It was a good reminder of being hard on handballing after being tackled. Tackles reduce accuracies.


Kearney’s desperation of creating faster ball handling was not good. On Channel Seven’s live coverage it was suggested that she needs to be more patient.


GWS’s backline was so strong. They found open space or tall teammates who were good at taking contested marks.


Blackburn’s kick towards two Giants was not good move.


Burton’s goal later in the third quarter was a nice one.


The last quarter was all Giants. Mackie gave away a 50-metre penalty because she crossed the mark.


An inspiring story was given from the opponent. Courtney Gum is 36-year-old and it’s the first year for her to play AFLW. Even she started playing footy at the age of 29. She is the gun for GWS. Gum has kicked four goals this season.


As a new footy player at Osaka Dingoes, I am not too old to start playing footy. It’s a positive message to the 45-year-old rookie.


Sadly nothing to share Bulldogs’ performances in the last quarter. We only scored a single behind.


While I was at the training two weeks ago, my attempts at taking a mark didn’t work and the footy hit my left index finger. I thought it would recover slightly. But it was not improving so I went to see a doctor on Friday morning. He told me I might have fractured finger.


But I went back on the training following day of the AFLW match. Even I did all drills. Why would I skip it? I am willing to learn skills and want to improve on field performances.


GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY    1.2    4.4    4.4   7.4 (46)
WESTERN BULLDOGS                2.2    3.2    4.3   4.4 (28)

Greater Western Sydney: Hicks, Staunton, Dal Pos, Farrugia, Gum, Eva, Schmidt
Western Bulldogs: McLeod 2, Conti, Bruton

Greater Western Sydney: Gum, Eva, Staunton, Barr, Hetherington, Farrugia
Western Bulldogs: Kearney, Blackburn, Lamb, Conti, Lochland, Scott

3. Gum (GWS); 2. Blackburn (WBU); 1. Conti (WBU)

Crowd: 4,146


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