AFLW Round 5 – Carlton v St Kilda: Still Disheartened



Saturday 7 March 2020
7:10 pm
Princess Park, Carlton North


Wanting a true heartland and feeling a broken heart both came back on Saturday morning.


Unexpectedly my roster for 11.30 am to 3.00 pm at another premise in the same chain had been cancelled on short notice on the same day. So I decided to go to a park to run and kick the footy.


The park was full and the majority were playing football (soccer) and baseball (throwing and catching balls). I ran and kicked the footy in space that was hard to find.


Announcements were made to the public not to play any ball sports. I got annoyed and my heart started feeling pain but my enthusiasm for doing drills beat my negative feelings.


Park wardens talked to some individuals telling them not to play ball sports. I was one of targets and told them I needed a spot to do so as a dedicated Australian Rules player and had a match coming up in three weeks.


He just said ‘no’ and was not willing to listen to my opinion, even I suggested to separate the grass areas into sports people and non-sports people. While I tried to compromise, the old bugger was not changing so I got angry and threw in an F-word. My aggression accelerated; saying “F-ing Kyoto”, “Kyoto is effing s***”.


Very strong feelings towards this city popped up. I hate rules which have been set by off-fielders (those who aren’t involved in sports). On-fielders (sports people) need places to get fit, enjoy a day/time off and get ready for upcoming matches.


Can we (on-fielders) afford to go to neighbouring city to do daily exercise? Not unless we commute there for work. Stupid off-fielders, especially city councillors, including  the mayor and management!


Kyoto creates a good atmosphere with traditions. There are traditional and modern buildings and it’s interesting. This uniqueness attracts western people to visit here. But it doesn’t meet what I want in my life.


Five years ago when I moved here from Sapporo, I was just a one St Kilda supporter and happy serving tourists. Now my passion for Australian football has expanded into playing the sport and I am willing to develop as a player even if I am 47. But as a person who started playing this great sport at the age of 44, it would take double or triple time to improve compared to players who start playing much younger.


I need fields to practise when I have time. I am hungry. I want to kick goals. I might be selfish and focus on myself, but want to kick goals for my team to win. That’s why I practise hard.


As my thoughts and expectations change over the time as well as personal circumstances, I have to change myself to meet them. I’m not who I was in 2015, so if I can’t fit into this city any more, it’s time for me to find a true heartland.


I am trying to find a job based in or near our (Dingoes) home ground, but I find them rarely and apply but employers hardly respond. I ended up having a job interview on Tuesday for a Kyoto-based one.**


And I prefer a writing job. Come on, Osaka, please give me an English writing work!


*Please note that I had already been having a broken heart for this city because I am not welcomed at international bars. I have less opportunity to meet new people so I feel I have no luck finding love in Kyoto. That’s why I have no faith to this city any more.


**I have been writing this article multiple times for several days and the interview has taken place. It went well and the job looks good. I would be happy to lead tours in Osaka. And I find splitting times between Kyoto and Osaka could be good for a while or permanently.


Saturday night was when I had my shift so I was unable to watch the game live. My supervisor was upstairs creating the roster for the last half of March. It was the first time for him to do the task so the manager mentored him.


I was the only staff member to do everything on services – greeting, taking orders, cooking, serving food and dealing with payments, as well as washing up. It went well but with more patrons, I couldn’t keep doing everything on my own, so I asked the supervisor to come  downstairs.


When a Western couple left the restaurant, I felt the Saints had won because I worked hard and the girls performed well. But later I found my belief was the opposite to the actual result. I was disappointed with the 21-point loss. On Sunday morning, I watched the match highlights. Carlton played better than us. They scored goals more than us.


The rain stopped a few hours before Dingoes team training. The ground was so wet. It was hard for me to take marks on that day. I must have been upset from what I faced the previous day. But when we had three-on-one contest drills, I handpassed well under the pressure (the offence were just allowed to handpass).


My heart was warmed a bit, but set shots didn’t go well. My heart went cold, but its rate goes up because I am keen to improve goal-kicking skills. I just need to overcome these hard times. My belief is that I can do it!


After the job interview on Tuesday, I was in a Starbucks cafe near Kyoto Station. Two women sat there and I ended up talking to them. They were mother and daughter. The Mum is a Carlton supporter and the young woman barracks for the Dons.


The Bluebagger asked me to take a photo with her and I was happy to do. Some Australian tourists asked me to take a photo so that they can send a picture to their Sainter mate.


Watching the replay of the first half of the match, the girls played hard. Greiser’s performance in the goalsquare in the first minutes was good – hitting out, handpassing and shooting the ball. She got the ball at the right time and her willingness to get back to score a goal was impressive.


Sarah Hosking has skills in her body. She picked opportunities and kicked well. After her second goal, Saints had a good clearance. Quick ball work reached Watt and she ran fast towards goal post to set up a shot. A quick answer to Hosking’s second goal was made. Egan’s goal widened the margin to six points that lasted until the first break.


Multi-talented Harris got a mark in a packed zone in the second quarter. She scored a goal easily. There was an instant response by my girls. Quick kicks were made and Greiser ran in, picked up 15 metres out and shot from 10 metres out. G-Train has done it! The girls did well, but Carlton were more experienced. I am not willing to see the margin widened.


As newcomers to the competition, my girls have to go through hard times, but I believe girls will improve and be competitive. And I believe I will develop more.


I look forward to the next match against Richmond who are also a baby women’s team.


CARLTON 3.0 4.1 7.2 8.2 (50)
ST KILDA 2.0 3.0 3.2 4.5 (29)

Carlton: S.Hosking 2, Egan, Harris, Walker, McEvoy, Stevens, Gee
St Kilda: Greiser 2, Watt, Shierlaw

Carlton: Harrington, Prespakis, Vescio, Wilson, Laloifi, S.Hosking
St Kilda: Patrikios, Vesely, Shierlaw, Exon, Dillon

Crowd: TBA at Ikon Park


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