AFLW Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: May I introduce to you, Brooke Lochland

7:05pm, Friday 24th Feb
Whitten Oval, Footscray

Bobby Macumber


It’s Friday night footy at Whitten Oval and my doggies are taking on the blue baggers! I’ve recently moved to Footscray so naturally I’m a diehard Doggies fan.


My house mate and I rocked up an hour and a half early because I heard it might be a lock out. It wasn’t a lock out and we got a beer in under a minute.


At half-time it looked as though there was a lock out at the bar with approximately 2,567 people in line ahead of me. A dude behind me started playing his harmonica and I honestly thought I would die before I got served. I didn’t die, but I was sober by the time I got my beer and my brand new doggies pride match stubby holder.



Tonight was the inaugural AFLW Pride Match and I couldn’t be prouder to be a bulldog. Well, to be completely honest I’ve actually been a Hawk supporter my whole life, but their ‘no’ stance media release on marriage equality along with their pathetic responses to my multiple emails questioning their ‘no’ stance has meant that I now support a team who proudly supports Marriage Equality and all LGBTIQ people. Plus I’m a local now!


I came out to my family when I was in my early twenties and like a lot of LGBTIQ people, I struggled with my sexuality growing up. Tonight’s game meant so much to a number of players who are out and proud, but more importantly it was an open and safe place for young LGBTIQ people to know that they are loved and supported in this community; AFLW.


Ok, now to the footy! Brooke bloody Lochland you superstar!


Seven god damn goals.


Sure I missed four of them whilst waiting to die, I mean waiting in line for a beer, but I certainly heard each one of them!


Everyone questioned who would kick goals for the doggies once skipper Katie Lochland went down, I mean Katie Brennan! But Brooke Lochlan has certainly answered those questions. No doubt she’ll receive a lot more attention for the remainder of the season.


As a doggie fan, I thought the game was brilliant. Emma Kearney dominated again with 26 disposals (#FavPlayer), my little mate Kirsty Lamb was everywhere in the first half of the game and everyone knows who Brooke Lochland is now!


The doggies players had a bit of ‘Judge Judy’ attitude about them last night too. Ellie Blackburn gave Carlton’s Lauren Arnell a bit of cheek after she turned the ball over and Blackburn scored a goal. Aasta O’Connor gave Carlton’s new skipper Sarah Hosking a decent front-on bump and Libby Birch was annoying the absolute shit out of Darcy Vescio! I tell ya, the doggies were all up in Carlton’s grill and they didn’t like it or respond well to it at all.


It was a night to remember for the bulldogs, smashing the blues by 73 points and recording the highest ever score in AFLW history. The doggies are now sitting pretty at the top of the ladder after four rounds and as they take on the bottom of the ladder’s Collingwood next week.


The game is being played in Moe, taking AFLW to the country!



Western Bulldogs 1.4 6.8 8.9 12.14 (86)
Carlton Blues 0.0 0.0 2.1 2.1 (13)

Bulldogs: Lochlan 7, Toogood 3, Blackburn 1, Bruton 1
Blues: Lauren Arnell 2

Bobby’s Best:
Bulldogs: Brooke Lochlan, Emma Kearney, Ellie Blackurn
Blues: Lauren Arnell, Sarah Hosking


About Bobby Macumber

A Triple J RAW State Finalist in 2010, Bobby is no stranger to the big stage. When she’s not touring around Australia performing stand up at comedy clubs, she’s touring around Australia as one of the ‘Voices of the Summer’ for the Australian Cricket Team. Bobby is the first female to officially ground announce for the Australian Cricket Team this summer, which included announcing at grounds such as the SCG, Gabba and hallowed turf that is the MCG. Bobby has performed sold out comedy shows at the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as touring those shows at the Adelaide Fringe and Perth Fringe Festivals. She’s performed alongside some of the country’s biggest names including Tommy Little, Hannah Gadbsy and Denise Scott as well as being the support act for Dave Hughes.


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    Love the report Bobby. Love also that you have abandoned the Hawks as you now claim to be a Footscray local. But I do need to question that claim. I think I can see your brightly coloured new stubby holder holding an Asahi beer. Surely you realise that there was for sale a Two Birds lager specially brewed in neighbouring Spotswood. A true local would have been drinking that.


  2. Thanks Andrew! The photo of the Asahi beer was actually taken at home on Sunday night as I was writing my report. You’ll be pleased to know that I was indeed drinking the Two Bird’s delicious ‘Trail Blazer’ lager on the night at Whitten Oval! Another one of the ‘local’ companies I’m a big fan of:-)

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    I am pleased to hear that. Welcome to the western suburbs.

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Bobby,
    great report of a great night and so happy for the win and the occassion. Glad you also sorted out the beer drinking and keeping up your tradition of missing out on major moments! At least you could watch the replay of this game….many times.

  5. Hi Bobby,

    Lochland was a big gun in the match. I was really impressed with her performances.

    She covered Brennan’s absent so well.

    By the way, was Asahi beer sold at Whitten Oval? If so it must have been expensive. I hope you enjoyed beer from my country!



  6. Hi Yoshi,
    Lochlan was a superstar wasn’t she?!
    The Asahi beer in this photo is getting a lot of air time! haha… It’s one of my favourite beers and was in my fridge at home when I took the photo, not on sale at Whitten Oval:-)

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