AFLW Round 3 – Carlton v Brisbane Lions: Lions roar on the road

Carlton v Brisbane Lions

7.45pm, 17 Feb 2018
Ikon Park Melbourne


The undefeated Blues brought a vocal home side crowd with them as they hoped to inflict more pain on a Brisbane side who were smarting from their first ever home and away loss against a rampant Bulldogs side last week. However, this Carlton side was missing their captain, who suffered a horror ACL the previous game, and their head coach, who was hospitalised after the season opener against Collingwood, and hasn’t returned.


From the first siren, Carlton made their intent clear as they cleared the centre and pumped the ball long to Harris leading just inside the 50, just to see it overshoot her completely as Brisbane wrestled the ball back.


Gibson copped an errant elbow to the face early, needing to leave the ground to have her face taped up to stop a resulting nosebleed.


Anderson again showed her rapidly emerging brilliance as the ball fell clear to a trademark McCarthy run, who ended by looping a handball out to Webb, who rushed the ball to her boot for the terms only score for either team, a single behind.


Frederick-Traub picked up where she left off from last week, bustling herself around the stoppages and making life generally difficult for any Carlton player wanting to get a clean possession. Despite not being able to take a clean mark in the first term, she was impressive at getting her body to the right spot to ensure the ball didn’t leave the area unless it was being carried by someone in a Brisbane jumper.


Webb was receiving plenty of the ball early, with it seemingly on a string, somehow managing to link the ball up with all the grace of a baby giraffe taking its first tender steps.


Carlton’s Breann Moody was superb in the ruck, and was red hot early running the ball out of the defensive 50, and Shae Audley proved herself a real pest, displaying some incredible tacking and determination.


Wuetschner took a great grab late in the first 40 metres out, and sent it to the top of the square, only to see another amazing defensive effort from Carlton to clear the ball.


Harris managed to find some space from the remarkably consistent Kaslar, kicking the ball long to an unmanned forward half, following up moments later to rush a kick on goal from the 50 line, getting dumped hard off the kick which sent the ball off in a different direction.


The inside 50 stats at quarter time says it all, Brisbane having 13 to Carltons 5. The score line adds to the story, with great defence being shown by both sides, each trying to scrap their way to getting the ball clear.


Carlton suffered another casualty early, with Georgia Gee having to sit out the game early suffering from concussion.


Carlton’s Katie Loyns was getting her hands in everything, despite a collision with an unsuspecting Hildebrand, which saw the Lions defender off with what seemed to be a nasty cork in her left thigh. Around the same time, Carlton again suffered a loss with Brazzale heading down to the rooms clutching her shoulder.


Zeilke found her intent with a string of 1 percenters which lead to a Sophie Conway free kick which she duly sends forward into the hands of excitement machine Ashmore, who converts into the first major of the game.


Hosking seemed absolutely everywhere, until I remembered there are two of them (identical twins) and once I started paying more attention to the jumper numbers, it did balance out a little more.


After half time, the Lions cleared early, giving Wuetschner a goal within the first minute, largely thanks to Carltons defensive unit gifting her a rare paddock to run into and snap from the pocket.


Much emphasis before the game was placed on this being the first meeting between high profile forward Tayla Harris (who requested a trade from the Lions to the Blues in the off season, which saw Brisbane receive Exon, and debutant Ayres) and her old side, and it was obvious she was desperate to stamp her mark on the game. However the frustration of being tagged by a very restrictive Kaslar seemed to get to her early in the third, and saw her punch Kaslar in the back of the head after being called for holding the ball, and shortly after she gave away a 50 metre penalty.


This resulted in a brilliant McCarthy play to Gibson, with the big kicking Tasmanian scoring another major.


The scrap fest continued into the last, with neither team seeming able to break away. A goal to Vescio bringing the Blues to within 6 points.


Anderson took a 50 metre penalty after the ball was kicked away following an in the back call, and sent it forward to the dazzling Sophie Conway. As soon as the ball left Conways boot, the celebrations were on and Brisbane teammates came from everywhere to show appreciation.


Not long after Zanchetta wobbles a kick through to McCarthy, who drops the ball to her boot for yet another major.


A kick from Campbell deep into the 50 saw Conway checkside the ball through the big sticks again, and it was clear this game was over.


A few more misses from the Blues (including two that hit the post) was enough to close the book on this one, with the Lions fighting hard to deserve the win, but enough Carlton mistakes to really ice it.


Zanchetta was busy again all game, never disappearing from the play for long. It was stock standard to see her roving each and every ball up and stoppage, finishing with 3 tackles and 7 disposals.


A heavy Gatorade shower for Exon and Ayre was in order for their first win against their old side, and I was left with a massive smile on my face, and renewed hope for our season.


I enjoyed the game at home with my fiancé and several friends (all of whom I know from my association with the Endeavour Hills womans footy club), and was insistent that my various Brisbane players badges were evenly distributed. At one point, I had to confiscate the Sophie Conway badge from one of my friends as she refused to pin it to her shirt and kept dropping it. This may have been because she claimed to know several Carlton players, and repeatedly bragged about playing kick to kick with Darcy Vescio once.


This friend will not be invited back to watch the Dockers game next week.




CARLTON                  0.0     0.2     1.3     2.6 (18)
BRISBANE                 0.1     1.2     3.2     6.4 (40)            

Gay, Vescio
Brisbane: Conway 2, AshmoreWuetschner, Gibson, Exon 

 Moody, Gay, Harrington, J.Hosking, Loynes, Audley
Brisbane: McCarthy, Wuetschner, Frederick-Traub, Stanton, Exon, Conway 

 Gee (concussion), Brazzale (shoulder)
Brisbane: Hildebrand (corked thigh) 

Reports: Nil

Umpires:  Rowe, Dore, McGinness

Official crowd: 6200



  1. John Butler says

    Brisbane clearly too good in this one, Danielle.

    Killed us through the midfield.

    Their only worry would be how we could still be within a kick in the final term.


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