AFLW Round 3 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: “The Erin Phillips Show – 5 Stars!”

Adelaide v Western Bulldogs
1:35pm, Saturday 17 February
Norwood Oval, Adelaide


Well the Adelaide Fringe Festival had its official launch party last night and today I saw one of the greatest shows of the Festival, “The Erin Phillips Show – 5 Stars!”


I rocked up to Norwood Oval to watch my first live AFLW match this season. Accompanied by three Adelaide Crows supporters, I figured I would be a minority today supporting the Bulldogs. I was right.


4,900 turned out to Norwood and ten of us were there for the Dogs.


As we walked into the ground a Crows volunteer offered us free face paint with the Adelaide colours. My friend Abbie accepted the face paint before she realised she hadn’t applied sunscreen on this hot summers day. The two white squares on her cheeks look a little weird now…


The other two Crows fans declined face paint and if she wasn’t a volunteer, I would have slapped that paint out of her hand and screamed ‘GO DOGGIES!’ No, that’s not true.


There’s something cool about going to watch footy in a state when there is only one AFLW team there. It was just a sea of Adelaide Crows supporters. Either that town was going to be jumping for joy after the game or very sad. Either way, they were all in this together. The ten of us did not belong here today.


The Dogs looked good from the first bounce, dominating the ball and leading on the scoreboard. Crows superstar Erin Phillips was playing her first game for the season coming in after a quad strain, starting up forward for the Crows but there was little activity for her at first. Whenever the ball was near her though, you could just hear the crowd go from a 2 to a 10 in excitement.


The doggies midfield stars Ellie Blackburn and Emma Kearney dominated as usual. I wonder if Emma Kearney will sledge Erin Phillips like she did last time? In the first season of AFLW, Emma Kearney tackled Erin Phillips in the centre of Whitten Oval and is seen saying something to Erin. I believe she said, ‘What did you get your Olympic Medal for; Diving?’ To which Erin laughed and then went on to win the game. Entertaining for everyone involved. I do love a good Kearney banter when she’s on any sporting field, whether it be cricket (Opening bowler for the Melbourne Stars in the WBBL) or footy, she’s never not shy of a little sledge! And that’s why I love her. #FavPlayer


At half time the Dogs were up by five points. It was time to get a hot dog, chips and a beer because I have retired from ‘elite sports’ and I can do this now. Now there’s only one thing I don’t like about the support of women’s sport, and that’s the god damn line to get a hot dog, hot chips and a beer at half time! I had to wait an entire 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES PEOPLE. I mean yeah, its great to see so many people out here supporting women’s football but for Christ’s sake, how hard is it to pack a lunch? I’m from interstate, I can’t pack lunch. You guys live here, all 4,890 of you. Come prepared next time please.


Thankfully, I don’t miss any of the footy. It’s tight but at three quarter time the Dogs are still up by one goal. Erin Phillips has been magical and has booted three goals so far. Adelaide’s Dayna Cox is up to her old tricks and has been reported for striking Bulldog Ellie Blackburn. Teammate Emma Kearney comes in to say something witty and she gets put down too! Then skipper Katie Brennan goes down with an ankle injury. Dayna Cox wasn’t around at the time but I’m sure she has something to do with this too.


Fourth quarter and the crowd are on the edge of their seats. Erin Phillips snaps a magnificent goal from the pocket in front of a packed grand stand and everyone is off their seats!


My mates are starting to get a little chirpy now, ‘Go back to Victoria Bobby! It’s Crows territory here!’. Just kidding, they were lovely. I had to inform them of the scores I don’t think they were paying too much attention.


The Crows win by seven points and the crowd goes wild. A couple rush past me with a pram and a crying baby. I know how you feel buddy, its ok, there’s always next week.


As we leave the ground, get in the car and stop at traffic lights, the car next to us is pumping the Adelaide theme song, front windows down, flag and scarf hanging from the back windows, a 60 year old man is singing his heart out and we give him the thumbs up to which returns the thumb with a big smile!


We stop to get petrol and Abbie forgets she has two Adelaide Crows flags painted on her face. The guy at the servo says, ‘Did we win?’ After her initial confusion, Abbie replies, ‘Yep! Erin Phillips was a superstar!’ Servo dude replies, ‘’Bout time! We’re back!’


Erin Phillips certainly was a superstar and for that performance I give her 5 stars. Best solo show of the Adelaide Fringe so far.


ADELAIDE                        1.1     2.2     4.4     6.5 (41)
WESTERN BULLDOGS     2.1     3.1     5.3     5.4 (34) 

Adelaide: Phillips 4, McCormack 2
Western Bulldogs: Brennan 2, Kearney, Utri, Lochland 

Adelaide: Phillips, Randall, Marinoff, Perkins, S Allan, Metcalfe
Western Bulldogs: Blackburn, Kearney, Utri, Conti, Lochland, Brennan

Adelaide: Nil
Western Bulldogs: Brennan (leg)

Reports: Dayna Cox (Adelaide) for striking Ellie Blackburn in the first quarter

Umpires: Matthew Young, Jamie Broadbent, David Newell 

Official crowd: 4,900 at Norwood Oval


About Bobby Macumber

A Triple J RAW State Finalist in 2010, Bobby is no stranger to the big stage. When she’s not touring around Australia performing stand up at comedy clubs, she’s touring around Australia as one of the ‘Voices of the Summer’ for the Australian Cricket Team. Bobby is the first female to officially ground announce for the Australian Cricket Team this summer, which included announcing at grounds such as the SCG, Gabba and hallowed turf that is the MCG. Bobby has performed sold out comedy shows at the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as touring those shows at the Adelaide Fringe and Perth Fringe Festivals. She’s performed alongside some of the country’s biggest names including Tommy Little, Hannah Gadbsy and Denise Scott as well as being the support act for Dave Hughes.


  1. Hope you enjoy your time in our great city and at our great footy ground, Bobby. Phillips is a class above, even with one functioning quad (it only really showed in the last quarter when she went to fly for a mark between two Bulldogs and barely left the ground). Tip for future visits to Norwood: for a drink go to the Premier’s Bar under the grandstand in the SW corner of the ground. Its tucked away position means it is usually significantly quieter than the other bars.

    And as for the Cox report, I doubt Kearney and her compatriot will be accusing anyone else of diving anytime soon (it was there and Cox will go for it but they sure as heck played it up).

  2. There may have been only 10 of you but cheering could be heard on the tv coverage every time the Dogs got the ball. I was starting to think the ground was half full of Dogs fans!

  3. I reckon Erin alone would be worth a trip to Adelaide. I had a fan girl moment when I met her at the WNBL basketball late least year.

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    Almanacer Kate and Cinta were next to the cameras and it was their Doggie support we heard on the TV. They rocked the red white and blue. I texted them and can confirm they were the makers of 85% of the noise.


    Bobby now I have FOM out seeing her perform live!

  5. I can only concur with regard to Phillips, E.
    Powerboy was indeed fortunate to be amongst the dads and uncles of the Port as we watched Erin FLOG our sons and nephews throughout their junior years as they went through the grades.
    The fact that her renowned father was usually within hearing distance was enough to keep even the most chauvinistic malcontent silent. That fearful silence quickly became a silence of respect and awe.
    Powerboy can only watch Phillips, E. and admire her skill.
    Powerboy tries with all his heart to ignore her colours.
    Check out her junior style at the link below
    She was always going to be a world class athlete and it was only a matter of which sport.

  6. Yvette Wroby says

    Wow. That highlight package of a young Erin Phillips. You can say you was there Powerboy. Well done. We all need to get around the last game home and away game and pressure AFL to switch it from the ridiculous Olympic Park to an oval where we can all bear witness. Start letter writing people to [email protected]. Or [email protected]

    I think Adelaide will cream poor Collingwood but we can at least see Erin in action.

  7. Kasey Symons says

    That video is AMAZING!

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Bobby and I totally concur with Dave Browns comment also Powerboy just brilliant let’s not forget that John Cahill said that Erin is the best junior player he has ever seen

  9. Bobby Macumber says

    Well you’re not wrong guys, Erin Phillips is and HAS been a superstar for a long time! Highlights are great.

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