AFLW Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Born again Dees

Having witnessed and thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural game of Women’s AFL at Princes Park the thought of another game at this great venue was irresistible.


The game was Melbourne v Collingwood and coming with me is my born again Melbourne football fanatic daughter, so it’s a chance for a father/daughter bonding night. I think the last time we went to a game together was a VFA Grand Final at Princes Park some twenty years ago, so it’s an historic night for both of us.


The weather gods are smiling again and lots of people are entering the ground, not the crush it was last weekend, but certainly a good crowd full of enthusiasm for the forthcoming battle.


And what a battle it was, especially for the Melbourne supporters. Collingwood jumped the gun and had a couple of majors early in the first quarter. They were a much stronger team all over the ground and handled any forward Melbourne move with ease. Thankfully for the Demon crowd, they scored a major just before quarter time, but the game was all Collingwood.


The Magpie machine continued as the second quarter progressed, too strong, too tough and too skilled. I mentioned to my daughter that things looked bad at half time. Melbourne just seemed to be out muscled all over the ground, I reckoned the future looked grim, my daughter looked grim too!


The Melbourne team came out quite early after the half time break and from the first throw up they were a different team. They were sprinting clear from their Collingwood opponents who suddenly looked slow and cumbersome. Melbourne scored a couple of quick goals, drew level with Collingwood and the scored another to take the lead. Nothing could stop the Demons, they looked the goods, far too skillful and fast, a complete turn around of the first two quarters.


Can the Demons continue the same way in the last quarter? The answer was a resounding yes. Melbourne’s skills, toughness at the ball and their speed all over the ground was too much for the Magpies and especially their supporters, who were leaving the ground just before the siren.


A very happy daughter cheered loudly as did all the other Demon fans and joined in the team song with gusto. Born again supporters are hard to keep quiet.


A great night of footy played in two halves, the first half Collingwood, the second and most important half, Melbourne. The seven thousand people who witnessed the game enjoyed the night and I reckon a good percentage who walked past our place after the game, were very happy Demon supporters.


Melbourne 7.2. 44     Collingwood 4.1. 25


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  1. Great piece Dad, captured the essence of the night beautifully. That third quarter was amazing.

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