AFLW Round 1 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Doggies demonstrate experience in front of the newcomer Saints



Sunday 9 February 2020
3:10 pm
RSEA Park (Moorabbin)


Footy comes back to Morrabbin for teh first time since 1 August 1992 when St Kilda won over Fitzroy.


Footy Club featured the comeback on Friday with online content.


And it’s a historical day for St Kilda Football Club as the first game for our women’s side.


Therefore I have organised a day off in order to be with St Kilda. I had no choice!


As I had been working long hours in the recent weeks, I had fewer opportunities to practise my own footy. Then I had a plan to do footy drills before or after the AFLW match.


However snowing overnight put me into a last minute decision. Sadly snow falls constantly that I have to cancel my plan for practising and alternative drills will be done on Tuesday and/or Thursday when I am working only until 3 pm.



Snowy Kyoto
Snowing near Heian Shrine, Kyoto



Securing a bar table at crowed Starbucks near Heian Shrine, I tuned in Watch AFL app. St Kilda champion Nathan Burke was interviewed on Channel 7.


He was excited to coach his Bulldogs at the venue where he played his first game and told audience that the match would be played in windy conditions.


Visitors demonstrated experiences and skills dealing with winds from the beginning. Good clearances and ball uses were included.


One of Bulldogs best players, Bonnie Toogood took a mark at their goal pocket and scored the match’s first goal within two minutes from the first bounce.


St Kilda girls showed good skills. Irish recruit Fitzpatrick did a good turnover. Exton ran and bounced well. McDonald took a good mark.


But inaccurate kicks put ourselves away from scoring goals and Bulldogs won contests.


Doggies kept snarling with Marshall and once again Toogood.


Then eventually St Kilda went marching in to congested goal square. McDonald picked footy and played on. Running swiftly, her bravery ended up scoring our first goal in history.


I was very excited and raised my arm up.


First quarter ended with Doggies leading by three goals.


Former Bulldog Mackie went down at middle of second quarter but stood up and played on. Her great efforts continued with taking a mark inside 50. But a good opportunity didn’t bring us six points.



Watching first St Kilda AFLW match
Watching AFLW match at Starbucks



We played hard, but like our men’s counterparts, we need accurate kicks and attacking at goal square. Otherwise speedy running and bouncing have no meanings.


Former Crow Sedunary scored a goal at last quarter, but that’s all for St Kilda girls.


I was impressed with young Patrikios’ good on-field performances. She has good skills in chasing and tackling.


As a player, I understand how hard playing for the first time is. Girls have played before in other levels or for other clubs, but they have to see individual skills on field as a team. Like me, I hope girls improve well and want them to beat Bulldogs next year.


I look forward to the next weekend being played in Adelaide, but as my schedule is unsure, I cannot confirm where to watch the game. I might just be able to watch only part of the match.



ST KILDA                                        1.0 1.1 1.1 2.2 (14)
WESTERN BULLDOGS    4.1 5.1 5.2 6.3 (39)


St Kilda: McDonald, Sedunary
Western Bulldogs: Toogood 2, Marshall, McCarthy, Hunt, Lamb


St Kilda: Patrikios, McDonald, Vesely, Priest
Western Bulldogs: Blackburn, Lamb, Toogood, Huntington, Scott, Rennie


3. Blackburn (WB); 2. Toogood (WB); 1. Patrikios (SK)



Crowd: 8000





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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    It was very windy today and the Bulldogs experience showed. Was great being at this ground. Thanks for the report Yoshi

  2. Hi Yvette,

    I’m glad you enjoyed watching the game at windy Morrabbin.

    Thanks for your comment and no worries!


  3. Gus - Singapore says

    Always good to hear your views Yoshi!

    Go the mighty Saints!

  4. Cheers Gus!

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