AFLW Grand Final – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions: Lions fighting hard in wet then Dogs coming out snarling in dry

Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions

12.35 pm, Saturday, 24 March 2018
Princes Park, Melbourne


Katie Brennan’s suspension was shocking and her tackle on Harriet Cordner was reasonable, I think.


Even the discussion of her would be eligible to play Grand Final if she were male sickens me. Gender equalisation is needed in the sport.


Brennan was the AFLW Grand Final 2018 version of Bob Murphy.


While the match was played, my workplace of the restaurant got busier. But my passions of and love affair with footy were coming out. My attempt to check the score at the storage room was not successful. I don’t know why.


I had scheduled to watch replay on Sunday morning, but I had to leave the last quarter later to allow myself to be at the Dingoes training venue at 2 pm, an hour prior to the scheduled training time for the club.


I managed to watch the last quarter on the train to Osaka. After the women’s match, I watched their boys counterparts in action against GWS. Giants shook the ground too well. Libba’s ACL was a shocking news.


Now here are match highlights.


The wet conditions and grey sky brought in Princes Park. I love the park as having been on my trip to Melbourne last year. But seeing Carlton FC’s poster in the GF where Blues weren’t is strange.


The first contest was won by O’Connor in which Blackburn possessed. But the footy was picked by Lions then. Collecting footy is hard in the wet condition.


Tackles and packs of players were found easily on the field. I was impressed with O’Connor for her tackles and great ruck works.


Only a goal was scored by Conway in the first quarter. She bent her knees and took a mark lower. The left footer scored a goal nicely.


Lamb’s high kick delivered to the congested goal square. It would be hard to run enough to kick accurately or kick longer. The ball needed to get over the opponent players’ heads, as I have been coached at Dingoes.


Just before the first break, Conway had another opportunity, but missed.


In the second quarter, Spark covered O’Conner well to collect footy. But unfortunately miscommunication occurred on the footy field. Backing and communicating are important, as Matt tells us in the training.


Another audio textbook for my play was created.

1. Run swiftly and kick or handpass.
2. Run fast and tackle the opponent.


Finding space was hard. But Ernst’s tackle and Spark’s pick up of opponents inside 50 were impressive.


Doggies started snarling at the third quarter.


McLeod handpassed Berry and she ran and scored a goal to put the score level. The run was good and she got the right angle and distance. Having the right distance is important that I have been coached.


Then footy was attempted to pick by a pack of three Lions. It was dropped and picked by McLeod. She scored a goal.


Young Conti had been performing well on the field and the Grand Final was the same. She collected the ball from the congested goal square and ran and scored a goal from 40 metres out. Bulldogs were in front by 13 points at the last break.


The conditions became dry in the last quarter. O’Connor hit out well during the match, but it delivered to the congested centre field this time.


Brisbane were hungry to claim the flag and pushed hard.


Wuetschner scored the first goal for the last quarter.


Tackles were everywhere. It happens generally in AFLW matches and its GF is the same.


Kearney tackled brilliantly and was awarded a free kick. She did her job bringing six points.


Pom poms of red, white and blue were flying. Scray supporters were singing “Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Bulldogs…”


Kearney hugged teammates and raised her arm to celebrate her goal.


Scott and Ernst defended hard showing great efforts.


But Lions answered by Wuetschner’s second goal for the match.


Conti played hard but the ball was pushed out the boundary line. Lochland kicked in a banana style but no point was given.


Girls on the Bulldogs bench had wet eyes with tears. Utri wrapped up.


The siren sounded. The Western Bulldogs won the flag in 2018.


It was a great moment. Brennan hugged and kissed teammates. She acted like Murphy in 2016.


A big hug was made by the absent captain, the most goal kicking girl (Lochland) and Toogood.


They got emotions as well as did I on the train.


I really enjoyed watching girls competition this year and the time flies so quick. I learnt a lot from girls as a Dingoes player. The competition was so interesting.


See you ladies next year and I can’t wait St Kilda joining the AFLW in two years.


Well done girls!!


WESTERN BULLDOGS 0.1 0.1 3.2 4.3 (27)
BRISBANE LIONS 1.1 1.1 1.1 3.3 (21)

Western Bulldogs: Berry, McLeod, Conti, Kearney
Brisbane Lions: Wuetschner 2, Conway

Western Bulldogs: Conti, Blackburn, Kearney, Birch, Spark, Bruton
Brisbane Lions: Lutkins, Stanton, Wuetschner, Zielke, Ashmore

Umpires: Mirable, Howorth, Adair

Crowd: 7,083

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