AFLM Round 8 – St Kilda v Carlton: Roller Coaster Rides



Saturday May 13th 2.10pm

Etihad Stadium

Yvette Wroby


UP: The launch of ‘Siren’s Call’


In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard, Thursday night my memoir Siren’s Call was launched to a full house at the St Kilda RSL, with guests from Footy Almanac, St Kilda Football Club, all the associated fan groups around the football club, St Kilda Sharks representatives, members of Glen Eira Artists Society, and family and friends. We had guests being interviewed by John Harms: St Kilda’s Sam Gilbert and Josh Bruce, St Kilda Shark’s Brittany Bonnici (AFLW Collingwood) and all players kindly signed my books. St Kilda FC CEO Matt Finnis, the famous Uncle Bob and Facebook organiser extraordinaire Michael Egan also were pulled up onto the stage, before I got to say a few words of thank you. People had come from Adelaide, Perth and Tassie to be at the launch. I am very grateful.


DOWN: The family visiting

The next day was spent with Denise, my sister, before she travels away.  We went to visit many of my aunties and uncles, now at an advanced age and beginning to fray at the seams.  We did lunch, we shared advice about how to survive cancer treatments and hospital round-abouts and were thankful. Denise popped onto a train home, only to watch her beloved Bulldogs lose Friday night.


UP: St Kilda v Carlton

The St Kilda Social Club were selling my books and my neighbouring seated Saints fans also bought a few, I had a Blues friend Carl from Tassie and his Melbourne St Kilda supporting nephew as my guests, and the Saints were playing OK footy. In a sometimes-scrappy game, one of our promising players Jack Billings starred. With a 5-goal haul over three quarters, Jack, Seb Ross (2), Josh Bruce (2), Jack Steele, Nick Riewoldt and Tim Membrey did just enough to put an improving Carlton side away. They had good players too, Silvagni (2) will be a star, Marc Murphy got 2, Patrick Cripps 2, and Bryce Gibbs, Jacob Weitering, Charlie Curnow and Tom Wiliamson in his first game, all got goals. The biggest improvement was that we pushed in that last quarter and grabbed the victory. In front of 38,014 fans Saints had a 19-point victory. There was an ugly dust up, but players settled down.


UP: St Kilda Shark v Melbourne Uni Muggars

Peanut Farm Reserve:

On Sunday from 12, “Susan Alberti Medical Research Day at the Farm” had Susan, her husband Colin and friends and family joining Sharks and Muggars to raise money. The Sharks had one win for the day, their reserves team defeated Cranbourne while the VFLW team went down to Melbourne Uni by 6 points. A comeback wasn’t to be had. I got to sell some more books, join in the celebrations, and meet more great people associated with the Club. A Susan Alberti Medal for the best player of both sides was awarded by Susan to Brianna Davey (Sharks) and Gabrielle Pound (Melbourne Uni) and my highlight was a selfie with Susan in between all the goings-on.  Her husband also bought some books. Very cool indeed.


Yvette and Susan Alberti.


UP: Mother’s Day dinner with two of my three

The day ended with a great dinner and catching up with my beloved children, both in person and via apps. New Ugg Boots and an interesting book to keep me warm and busy. Just hanging locally, eating locally and enjoying some quiet time.


UP: Review on Footy Almanac Website by John Butler

John Butler reviewed Siren’s Call and it is beautifully thought out and John shows he understands the essence of my book and the journey to make the book. Having his Blues lose the day before doesn’t stoop John from congratulating me on that too.


DOWN: Marc Murphy and my team, both teams, behaving badly


I hate to wake up on an otherwise great day to controversy of any kind, but the ruckus around St Kilda and sledging is everywhere, and Monday conversation about a win on the weekend is overshadowed by poor behaviour, apologies, gossip and innuendo, talk back, Twitter, and people’s meanness. The very player we celebrated post game on Saturday, one of our two new towers in defence, again shows his immaturity by liking a tweet supporting more poor attitudes. I feel very disappointed, as I suspect most of the club are and the leadership of the club are. This is not what I want to talk about after a win.


UP: Upcoming interview with Raph Epstein, Tuesday 4.40 pm ABC 774.


Thank goodness there’s something good to look forward to in the wake of controversy and again, my book about the good people of St Kilda and football will be front and centre again.


All I can think about is one of my cartoons in 2012 about footy, and it’s still as relevant as ever.





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  1. John Butler says

    How has the roller coaster been for the rest of the week? :)

    You’re right, the aftermath of Saturday’s game was very disappointing. And much of the ensuing discussion has badly missed the point.

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