AFL Round 9 – Richmond v Melbourne: Vale Tommy

I never saw Tommy play. I saw him coach some very successful premiership teams. Like most, I admired his dedication to many things including personal health and fitness.

I was jogging with a mate in January down on Beaconsfield Pde and who should be there drying himseff after a swim? We called out to him as we ran past. ‘Good on ya boys’ he immediately replied. Given that we are both close to 60, we were doubly pleased.

At the game on Saturday like most Melbourne supporters I suspect, I expect to lose. Didn’t mind really as it would be the proper send off for Tommy. But we won and I’m damn happy about that.  Apart from Martin, the Tigers had little going for them. Whilst most have noticed that Jack Watts played a good game, I noticed something else. The Grand Old Club, the pillar of establishment, the club for the Collins St professionals is changing. Hard to imagine 50 years ago that we would boast names like Salem, Toumpas, Jamar, Jetta, or have a Kennedy-Harris streaming down the ground.

And a good thing too! I see this as an indication that we are finally growing up. We are ready to deal with this game in a professional manner. Saints (or in this case, Demons) be praised! I hope to snag one or two more wins this season, but even if we don’t, the signs are there. We can compete; we will not subside.

Tommy, I hope for your sake that the Tigers get their act together soon. Now is not a good time to be falling behind.


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