AFL Round 7: The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher


What The View wonders about at the end round 7 is how Neil Craig maintains his popularity in Adelaide. The Crows haven’t really done anything much during his tenure, and once again lost at home to a team that had had 3 successive losses. What with Mick and Terry increasingly appearing to have their jobs on the line I am surprised that he isn’t joining the same company. Oh sure, one can buy his argument I suppose that Adelaide is trying to develop a faster less defensive more attacking style of footy, hence the glitches, but can this perspective maintain currency for very long. Meanwhile, Brisbane with a new coach in a city in which it is very much only  the number two code has a 4 win 3 loss ratio. Nevertheless these two teams meet on Saturday night and given the fact that the Crows do have a 100% away record Brisbane might be in mortal danger, but somehow I doubt it.

Another thing I ponder about is the air time that is given to coaches like Mark Thompson when they opine to the effect that the opposition (this week North Melbourne) will definitely be a challenge. North Melbourne won’t come within a bulls roar of Geelong so why waste our time and broadcast space with such nonsense? This minutiae seems to around every week in some form or other. Having said that. nobody took Brett Ratten seriously when he said that Freo might be a danger.

How good are the Saints? I thought that the Magpies looked pretty OK for a while and indeed would prove that St Kilda might be vulnerable to a side that was quick and played one on one footy. Problem was that this could only be sustained for about 15 minutes before St Kilda’s invincible machine slowly but relentlessly ground the opposition into the dust. Nick Riewoldt made a good point when he suggested or implied  in effect that these days he wasn’t going into games bearing the same weight of expectation as had formerly been the case when his surrounding team mates weren’t up to it and that therefore he would be able to play with more freedom. Collingwood looked totally ineffective as has every other team that has played against the Saints this year.

Essendon had a great win against Hawthorn who sure, have a lot of players out, but then so do the Bombers. Another team I didn’t back in my footy tipping.  Good to see Lloydie playing a decent game again. Don’t know when Franklin got his five, sort of just happened or so it seemed to me.

The most interesting thing about the North Melbourne game was Port’s last quarter fight back. Apart from that Daniel Wells proved that he can still play.

Are Freo really going or will it again prove to be a mirage? Carlton might yet have another nightmare season made more so after showing so much early promise.

Brisbane had to beat Richmond if they had any pretence of being finals contenders, so they duly did. Interesting that the old firm of Brown, Black, Power and Bradshaw were their best players. Hope that some of the youngsters stand up more as time goes on.

Geelong beat Sydney at home. Surprise surprise.

West Coast just held out against Melbourne, so they should have also at home. Not a convincing win.

As noted previously the Western Bulldogs had an easy win, wish that we still had Akermanis.

Given the theory that the composition of the final eight can be pretty be much said to be determined by the end of round 7 it will be interesting to see how this theory plays out this year given that there are 8 teams on 3 wins 4 losses.


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