AFL Round 6 – Melbourne v Sydney: Familiarity brings comfort

Melbourne vs Sydney

Saturday 26th April, 7.40pm.


by A. Blood

There is nothing like familiarity to soothe a worried soul. This worried soul was soothed, as the great Adam Goodes appeared in a Sydney Swans guernsey for the first time in a long time. A pre season of uncertainty about the fitness and health of our esteemed Australian of the Year was almost too much to bare. Conflicting reports and a constant timeframe for return of two to three weeks had made for a much-anticipated comeback. As much as this pre season and early season has been unfamiliar, having our no.37 on the team sheet was a comfort that only familiarity can bring.

There is something about watching the Swannies run out on to the ‘G that evokes memories of past glories that light up my heart. However, the scene was set for a dour encounter as the enemy are now coached by our former fearless leader who’s coaching style is as defence orientated as you will ever see. As I prepared myself for the mental battle that would consume me for the next couple of hours, I took some time to ponder the remarkable influence that one P.Rooooooooos has had on the mighty Bloods. Surely one of the greatest of all. Right! Game time!

The great man began the match wearing a green vest, a decision that I agreed with. The red and the whites began the match with a fervor and intensity that had only been fleeting over the first quarter of this season. The enemy began the match with a thirst for the contest that their coach would’ve been proud of. Slowly but surely, the scoreboard showed signs of positivity for the Bloods. A crumbing beauty to Parker, a dubious free to Buddy and a touch of class from both Hanners and Kizza provided a first quarter lead that would prove to be pivotal to the result.

The second quarter was a battle of patience as loose defenders dominated at either end of the ground. As commentators and analysts labelled the quarter as ugly, supporters of both teams remained enthralled with the tactical intricacies of the coaches box on full display with the action on the ground. Feelings of confliction permeated through my mind as I longed to marvel at the feats of our returning hero, although at this stage of the match, that would more than likely mean an injury for one of our boys. Halftime rolled around and brought with it the low scoring contest that many had predicted.

Further criticism of our star recruit looked certain to continue as he limped off the ground with a sore knee. For what it is worth, I believe this much publicised recruitment coup will pay off handsomely in the future. Not tonight though as one champion is replaced by another and the comeback is complete! A deserved roar meets the injection of the substitute. The mind-boggling mix of grace, speed and power is on display and the ensuing one and a half quarters of footy bring a warmth which I am sure is shared amongst all supporters of the Sydney Swans. The remainder of the match saw the Swans keep the enemy at arm’s length and record an important 31-point victory. With familiarity comes comfort and this Swans supporter has been comforted by the return of the great A. Goodes. Cheer, cheer.

Sydney – 9.5 (69)

Melbourne – 5.8 (38)

Melbourne: Byrnes, Dawes, Tyson, M. Jones, Salem
Sydney Swans: Jack 2, Parker, Franklin, Hannebery, Cunningham, Kennedy, McGlynn, Derickx
Melbourne: M. Jones, N. Jones, Vince, McDonald, Dawes
Sydney Swans: Hannebery, Rampe, Kennedy, Parker, Jack, Shaw
Umpires: Margetts, Ryan, Mitchell
Official crowd: 24,855
3 – Dan Hannebery
2 – Dane Rampe
1 – Josh Kennedy

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Learned the art of the drop-punt from Derek Kickett as Jamie Lawson watched on. And thus, a Swan for life. @joedmoore1979


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