AFL Round 5 – Collingwood v North Melbourne (Floreat Pica Society): A road trip to remember and cherish for passionate Pies

written by Luke Reynolds for the Floreat Pica Society

 A dominant first-half performance from Collingwood set up a relatively comfortable win over the Kangaroos. Playing with great run and dare, while also making it hard for North to get the ball out of defence, made for an entertaining, very watchable first half. Only inaccuracy in front of goal (as usual) prevented the Pies from putting North right out of the game. Travis Cloke dropped an early mark but after that returned to his strong marking, wayward kicking best. The big man had 4.3 at the main break, ensuring Scott Thompson will continue to have sleepless nights before clashes with the Pies. White was once again a good foil for Cloke, kicking 2 first half goals and providing a strong option up forward whether leading or in a contest. Sidebottom and Pendlebury were dominant in the mid-field, well supported by Lumumba, Beams and another player getting back to his best in Swan. 33 points up at half time, the margin not reflective of the Pies dominance, North kicking two late goals before the break giving them some hope.

It was a different game after half time, North couldn’t bridge the gap and Collingwood couldn’t convert our chances. The game as a spectacle dropped right off. Goldsack kicked the only goal from either side in the 3rd quarter with a handball received in the goalsquare (after missing a set shot from 30 out minutes earlier from a brilliant pass from the boundary by Elliot), while Elliot kicked the Pies only final term goals. Elliot’s increased work rate (he covers a lot of territory and his second and third efforts are great) have added to his strong marking and good skill by hand and foot. Fast becoming a complete player. Once again North finished the final quarter with two late goals, with the Pies running out 35 point winners.

The backline deserves a big mention for their efforts in this game. I was very surprised when Frost was preferred over Keefe in Round 1 but he has shown that selection was well justified in the opening 5 games. This was by far his best game in black & white. Keefe himself was superb, rarely beaten, and his ungainly kicking style almost always finds its target. Maxi continues his strong resurgence, Toovey is getting back to his best while Young and Fasolo gave plenty of run while defending well, though both made mistakes with their kicking.

On the whole a good win over a team rated by many as a finals contender and at a similar level to us. Pretty much every player contributed at some stage, good luck to Gayle with the Danny Roach votes. Good problem to have.

Earlier in the day I ventured out to Victoria Park and saw the first half of the VFL game against Coburg. While watching my 6 and 4 year old run around the stands and terraces as much as watching the game, Nathan Brown looked untroubled by his shoulder, Kennedy, Adams and Karnezis all got plenty of touches and Corey Gault competed strongly in every contest though still looking very raw. Good crowd in attendance, really wish they would sync the draw better giving everyone a better chance to see both the VFL and AFL teams on the same day. Surely can’t be too hard given the proximity of Vic Park to the MCG. The old ground is looking fantastic, seems every time I go there something new has been done. Great to see.

After the AFL game and a look at Lou’s new statue, had a beer at the Westpac Centre for the first time after a game. Assistant coach Scott Burns was interviewed for the crowd in attendance, spoke well and with a bit of humour, though didn’t give away much. He rated today’s performance a 7/10 from where the club would like to be at. Might make the trip over the road after a game a bit more often, was very enjoyable.

Horsburgh Medal Votes

3. Steele Sidebottom

Got plenty of the ball all day, provided a great link. His best game in quite a while.

2. Scott Pendlebury

Dominant first half, played a huge role setting up the lead. As usual delivered the ball well, though his shots at goal weren’t up to his normal standard.

1.Jack Frost

Rarely beaten one on one, used the ball well starting several plays from the last line. By far his best game for the club.

Lumumba, Swan, Beams and Keefe all close to votes. Cloke would have got 3 had he kicked straight.

Hopefully we can do to Essendon what St Kilda did to them last night.

Floreat Pica



  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Excellent as usual , Luke Elliott is now a very good player with a couple of levels to go which he is showing signs he will become elite he and Grundy are vital to the pies .
    Frost has been a revelation and looms as a key also the pies have planned and are going in the right direction . Maxwell continues to show what a elite leader and good player he is , while , Cloke beat a very good opponent . . Glad you enjoyed , Burnsy a great redleg and a huge stuff up that he wasnt a crow . Thanks Luke

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Malcolm. Scott Burns was a wonderful player and leader for the Pies and retired when it seemed from the outside he had 1 or 2 good years left.

  3. That is a great summary of the game Luke. Very well written. You are a great man!

  4. Great stuff Luke, its taken me a few days to get to it ! Had a bit on – to be honest with you ! Keep up the good work .

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