AFL Round 4 – Richmond v Collingwood: Pies, Tigers and membership card substitutes in the air

(written by Mayuran Jeyarajah for the Floreat Pica Society)

I always enjoy games against the Tigers because I find their fans to be some of the must clueless but entertaining people to be around. We’re all biased but when you sit in the outer around Tiger fans it makes for some comic relief.


Thankfully not a drop of rain fell as I was sitting out in the open, and the only thing falling from the sky were the ripped pieces of paper which the bloke in front of me threw in the air as a substitute for his membership card (he reasoned that the hard plastic made it tough to tear apart but wanted to make the point nonetheless).


I thought for once we started well and we looked “up” for the contest. Richmond are significantly weaker in the midfield without Maric and Deledio but we had an appetite for the contest which has often been lacking in opening quarters in recent history. Beams was everywhere in the first quarter, Pendles was his usual self but the highlight was just to see some form of life from Swan. He’s not the best kick even when in form but a quick snap around the body from 40m sailed straight through the middle and his fist pump was at the very least a sign of interest.


After we jumped them early I honestly didn’t feel as though the game was in any danger. Through the first three quarters we kept them to just 3 goals, and special mention must go to our defence. Frost has played a handful of games but looks to be an absolute gun to hold down a key position for the future; Maxwell has returned to the form of 2009-2011; Fasolo and Langdon are nice additions to the backline also. I thought this would be a major weakness for us given all of our injuries/absences (Reid, Brown, Sinclair, Marley) but the system is getting the job done.


Cloke was again quiet but was involved in more contests and at least had a few shots on goal. Even the best players go through quiet patches and if he continues to work hard I’m sure it will turn for him. Jesse White finally lived up to some of the potential we saw during the pre-season, and the likes of Steele & Young were also solid contributors. All in all it was a welcome return to the form we know this list is capable of.


The highlights for me:


·         Jesse White baulking Troy Chaplin and running to 50 before putting it through;

·         The annihilation of Cotchin by Macaffer; and

·         The chorus of cheers by the Tiger faithful when Vickery was substituted.


I think Maxwell may cop a week for his head-high bump on Cotchin early in the first quarter, and we will miss him against North. Hopefully Reid isn’t far away because he really does add some spark and flexibility when fit.


The weekend is infinitely more enjoyable when Carlton have another loss and when Essendon are embarrassed. I’m thoroughly enjoying the heat coming on Malthouse at the moment.




3 Beams (Was strong early when the heat was on in the game and maintained it throughout)


2 Macaffer (Can’t speak highly enough of the role he did to negate the one gun midfielder that the Tigers had)


1 Pendles (Another classy performance, we just expect it every week now)


Having played four teams that are expected to finish in the finals (Richmond might want to revisit that) the draw does get a little bit easier … North, Anzac Day, then Carlton, Adelaide, West Coast and St Kilda. Touch wood we can get on a decent run of form with some of our injured players coming back.


Go Pies,




  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good entertaining report and couldn’t agree more re tigers supporters but I reckon a scarecrow could baulk , Chaplin . Vickery dickery docks best is average and his poor is diabolical . Beams missed most of last year he is 1 of the best midfielders in the comp
    Maxwell is a very good player and vital for the pies ( Richmond and Carlton would love to have his leadership ability ) Cotchin is in for some heavy tags after failing badly on
    Friday night . Collingwood are building , Richmond are falling away mind you it is only round four Thanks Mayuran

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