AFL Round 22 – Richmond v St. Kilda: Bets are gonna get ripped

It was 2:30pm when my door was banged on: I had a footy game to go to. St. Kilda v Richmond, a regular Sunday either at the footy or watching the score as I did my stuff on my iPad. My sister and my Essendon brother-in-law were there. My sister is a Bulldog, my brother-in-law a Bomber and my other sister a Tiger. It would’ve been a mixed car had my Tiger sister gone either way.

I had to go: it was no option. I’ll admit, it was pretty disrespectful of me not to see the Lenny tribute game, even though I saw it on the telly, and I just had to see him. One last time, in Melbourne, or never in Adelaide.

I was hungry, so we grabbed a bite to eat from Lonsdale Street from this Japanese place. The food was great, I was nourished, so we proceeded on foot to the ‘G.

My brother-in-law had placed two bets prior to our meals being served:

1. Richmond by 110 points exactly.

2. St. Kilda by 0-60 points.

In the end, he lost both bets.

We came late, and by the time I FINALLY entered Gate 1, St. Kilda was three goals down. The Tigers kicked three more, before St. Kilda pegged two back.

Following this, the Saints came out blaring sirens, but reduced the margin by a miserly two points, as frustration took over me.

We grabbed some chips before the third quarter began. The Tigers blew out to 50 points, before the young and seemingly talented Spencer White took a great grab before slotting it through.

In the last, White would be instrumental in dragging the end game margin to 26 points. St. Kilda lost by 26 points, 98-72, but I felt positive. Gilbert (who injured his foot/leg) was out, and I suggested to my brother (who agreed) that St. Kilda trade him for someone, or a draft pick, for better hopes. Fisher looked sturdy, and so was White.

I was sad when I saw Hayes leave the Home of Football, very sad indeed. Not every day does a 35-year-old club legend walk out like he did, but he is one of the best we’ll ever have.

On the walk home, my brother, frustrated after losing both bets, claimed Richmond was ‘no more’ a chance for finals; that Richmond might as well kiss finals goodbye. They came to ‘pulverise’ St. Kilda, and came out with an (at times) tough, hard-fought win.

I was happy. For me, we won.

RICHMOND 6.0 8.3 13.5 15.8 (98)
ST KILDA 2.2 4.7 5.9 10.12 (72)

Richmond: Riewoldt 6, Deledio 2, Griffiths 2, Batchelor, Maric, Foley, Petterd, Ellis
St Kilda: White 3, Riewoldt 2, Shenton, Fisher, Armitage, Newnes, Murdoch

Richmond: Riewoldt, Miles, Houli, Deledio, Rance, Maric, Newman
St Kilda: Armitage, Riewoldt, Dempster, Steven, Montagna

Umpires: Dalgleish, Burgess, Mollison

Official crowd: 47,188 at the MCG

Our votes: J. Riewoldt (Rich) 3, Deledio (Rich) 2, Armitage (St.K) 1

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