AFL Round 22 – Richmond v Essendon: Even the Tigers are better than us!

I am at a loss trying to come to grips with the 2012 Essendon dieback. I watched most of the game against Richmond,  sometimes it got too bad for me and I stopped watching. Let’s not forget how much we love to thump the Tigers, and how much we love to laugh at them when they usually end up being a “credible” ninth at the end of each season. Well no laughing from this Don tragic, the boot has been super glued to the other foot and it’s hard getting around.

Over the last seven weeks I have ventured forth with reasons for this disastrous end to our season, that bloody dreadful “heritage” paler shade of grey jumper which would give you a bad case of  dermatitis just putting the thing on and the long, long list of soft tissue issues.   And yes today Essendon were playing in the aforementioned jumper, and the team looked as though they would have preferred to be playing croquet or trugo or Morris Dancing,  anything but footy. They had absolutely no confidence in their own ability to mark, kick, hand pass or find another team mate.  Richmond weren’t all that flash either, just better than the Dons.   I reckon the players  were all giving it their best, its just their best is way way below par.  And yet seven weeks ago this team was touted as top four material.  I guess I should be thankful we don’t have to play the Gold Coast Meter Maids or the GWS Timber Sharks, just imagine their winning margin over us?

With only one more game to go I suggest the team of Psychiatrists at the Essendon Football Club have  daily one on one sessions with each player before the dreaded Collingwood game.  And please, please let the team  play in BLACK and RED.  That’s a black jumper with a red slash.

Oh the result, Richmond far too good , over forty points too good.

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