AFL Round 20 – Review: Meanwhile, there’s footy being played

The Essendon saga continues as does the unfolding drama at the Gabba involving newly sacked coach Voss…

Stay tuned the sequels are lined up in pre-production…

It is worth noting some feelgood achievements that drift into the background, whilst the journos and footy public ponder the other issue.

The Tigers are heading to September for finals action. Now that Richmond has won 13 games the drought has broken and Chris Newman gets to play in a final (injury permitting, God willing!) Not since the tormented Tiger great Richo has a Richmond player endured such a stretch of games. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to the Tiger faithful again. It is a testament to the patience of the Tiger army that it has not got the better of them. Well done Tigers!
Port is another feelgood story for 2013. Given the tragic events of last October when John McCarthy dies in Vegas, nobody realistically thought Port would be anywhere near a finals berth in 2013. Combined with the dramatic fall away in form over the last few years from their previous successful era, Port was almost the AFL’s endangered species. Amazing to think that 4th choice for Senior Coach Ken Hinkley is one of many key appointments under David Koch’s presidency. Add to that Alan Richardson, Darren Burgess and Travis Boak and the Power have hit their straps in a manner most thought beyond them for this year at least and they are generally playing smart and watchable footy that can be enjoyed by neutral supporters come September. Just goes to show – get the people right and the rest should fall into place. Question is for the remainder of 2013, where will Port Stop Stop Stop?
Lastly Adam Cooney, he of the Burger Ring Engagement Ring and Brownlow Medal fame. Having watched at close hand over the last few weeks, it would appear that Cooney is moving freely and very quickly after a debilitating run with bone on bone injury to his knee. He will be teammate Ryan Griffen’s main challenger for Brownlow Votes along with another redeemed Dog in Tommy Liberatore. Well done Tommy, head down, bum up and stay out of trouble. But well done Adam Cooney too, there’s life in the old Dog yet!

Rd 20 2013 FEARLESS: The round that was full of half-arsed efforts! 

An 8yo Saints fan, my son’s friend, predicted Saints to smash the Hawks. I admired his optimism. The Hawks were simply too good for the Saints, though largely stayed in 2nd gear for most. Adam Schneider, the forgotten Saint, kicked 3, Roughead 5. Hawks home by 46pts. Norman Gunston got injured with more than a shaving cut.

Richmond headed to the main break 45 pts ahead of Brisbane and won by 23 pts. The Lions kicked 11.4 to 3.6 in the second half. Both teams could be accused of playing for only a half. Vossy would’ve been unhappy with a slow start and Dimmer with Tigers’ inability to put the opponents to the sword. McGuane, Conca 3. Rockliff 34

Cats Coach Scott had more on his plate than Cats supporters booing injured forward Tomahawk. Short-term memory loss in Corio? Leading Port by 51pts at the main break, the Cats kicked 8.2 to 12.4 allowing some respectability to the Power’s effort. Coach Hinkley might have seen some positives after a static 1st half. Cats by 25.

Micky M could be accused of not seeing any positives, bar a 3rd quarter fightback by the Blues against the underrated Bulldogs. The Doggies outhustled their more highly-fancied opponents, shutting down key players such as Murphy. Any Carlton fightback was killed by key injuries – Judd, Jeffy. Stingray Grant 4 goals. Macca’s Dogs by 28.

The Swans started well against Collingwood and then fell in a hole in the 2nd qtr as the Pies wrestled control of the game at ANZ. Saving a Herculean effort by Kurt Tippett (6 goals), the Swans would’ve caused Coach Longmire’s heartrate to rise. As for Bucks, the Pies are coming together slowly at the right time. Magpies by 29 pts.

Bluey McKenna witnessed his Suns concede a fast start to the visiting Demons outfit at Club Metricon. Gold Coast regained momentum, despite limited output by Gazza, well held by McKenzie and Garland, and led at the half and into the 2nd half but it wasn’t the easy win they might have expected. Demons fought hard, losing by 13pts.

James Hird saw his Bombers go half-arsed after half-time. West Coast kicked 12.3 to 3.6 and in doing so, Woosha’s boys put their hand up for a continued piece of the finals action. The name Le Cras came back to haunt the Bomber faithful with 5 goals. Brendon Goddard played a lone hand with 3 goals and 27 touches. Eagles by 53pts.

Roos Coach Scott put it succinctly: It’s Not Bad Luck, We’re Not Good Enough! Another win went as the Crow flies, the Roos can only contemplate how half a game saw them back in contention and yet a poor first half allowed Adelaide to dominate. Sloane, Douglas led the Crows 9pt win. Wells, Adams led the ill-fated fightback.

The most complete performance of the round came as Freo gave the Giants the old heave-ho by 113pts. Interesting to note Sheeds’ criticism of the Dockers’ draw. Smokescreen really, as the Dockers’ have nearly done all they need to secure a home final. They are disciplined, structured and will be hard to beat anywhere in September.


  1. Neil Anderson says

    Couldn’t agree more that the great Richmond story of 2013 has been forgotten because of events at the ‘greatest, biggest and most powerful Club in the universe according to James Hird. Not!
    I’ve been waiting to hear more from Cheryl about her Tigers but I know if the Bulldogs were in the same position, I would be waiting for at least the first final’s victory before celebrating. Perhaps a Lenny from Lennox Street rather than Danny from Droop Street feeling.
    I did read Cheryl’s article in The Herald Sun about the Tigers which showed the pure joy of finals action after ‘the long wait’.
    Nice to see Cheryl acknowledged her second team, The Bulldogs’ for fixing up Carlton on the weekend.

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