AFL Round 20 – Gold Coast v Melbourne: The future’s so bright (for some)

For about the last 9 or 10 years, John and I have been to an interstate game once a year with our friends, Anne and Geoff. This year we have chosen Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast Suns versus Melbourne Demons match. We are staying at the RACV Royal Pines Resort so about 6.30pm we start walking across to the ground at Carrara.  The fellas are chatting:  “Pray  that Gary Ablett has stubbed his toe “. “Or developed an allergy to leather”.  It’s Ablett’s 250th game tonight so they are pretty worried.

We settle into our seats and have a look around. The lights are so bright I consider wearing my sunglasses. But it is a lovely stadium and a nice, friendly crowd. The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” is played on the loudspeaker while the flag is raised then the countdown begins on the giant screen. Everyone yells “three, two, one” and then the ball is bounced.

Jack Watts gets the first goal at the six minute mark.  Colin Garland is playing on Gary Ablett, John observes. Geoff has a system where he rewards players with a tick against their name for good play and a cross for unacceptable play. Gary Ablett  goals for GCS – their first goal – given by a pass from a Demon. Geoff gives him a cross. Lots of fumbling, stacks, out of bounds, passing behind then the first quarter siren goes. Melbourne is 4 points in front! Geoff tells me he has 9 crosses and 11 ticks for the Mighty Demons at this stage.

John and Geoff are pretty worried. They know from past history that the Dees can drop their bundle at any moment. The second quarter starts and Campbell Brown kicks a goal for GCS in the first minute. The woman in the seat in front of us is showing her friend photos of her dog. Anne and I agree that it is adorable. But wait! Campbell Brown gets another goal! Are the Demons on strike?! Finally, at the 14 minute mark, Dean Kent kicks a goal, the first score for Melbourne this quarter. This is followed by lots of little passes and a couple of near misses for Melbourne. Jack Watts mucks up some play then redeems himself by kicking his second goal. At the end of the second quarter we are 3 points behind GCS.  Time  for a hot chocolate.

The third quarter begins and The Suns kick two goals in two minutes. John and Geoff are shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. Anne and I are enjoying our hot chocolates. They are playing stacks on the mill in the Melbourne goal square. Then there is a down-the -ground free kick and goal to Kent.  Then another because someone hit Jack Watts. Thank you Rory Thompson! John tells me we are back in the game. Geoff says to Anne that Melbourne is keeping up with them. Fitzpatrick snaps a goal for Melbourne. Rory Thompson goals in reply.  Ablett seems to have 4 players on him. This quarter finishes with us two goals down. The little boys behind us sing along to the Virgin Airways advertisement on the giant screen “It’s wonderful! It’s marvelous!”

The last quarter begins and suddenly we are 4 goals down. Then five.  People start leaving. John and Geoff are tense. The hot chocolate is making me sleepy. The Dees have lots of chances this quarter but have trouble converting. At least they didn’t lay down and die. Aaron Davey performs a soccer goal, Jack Fitzpatrick misses then Jordie Mckenzie  gets one through. We lose by 13 points but we put up a good effort.

Now, back to the bar at the Royal Pines where the fellas will totally dissect the game and go through every statistic. And Anne and I will talk about Mount Buller, the dear little dog in the photos, how nice is this Iced Riesling from Tasmania …..

Gold Coast Suns 2.4   5.9  10.11  13.12 (90)

Melbourne 3.2  5.6  8.11  10.17 (77)




Gold Coast Suns  : Brown 3, Sumner 2, Ablett,  Bennell, Day, Thompson, Dixon, Swallow, Stanley, Hall

Melbourne  : Watts 2, Kent 2, Byrnes, Sylvia, McKenzie, Tapscott, Davey, Fitzpatrick



Gold Coast Suns : Swallow,  Harbrow,  Brown, O’Meara

Melbourne : Jones, Kent, Viney



McBurney, Fila, Foot




3 D. Swallow (GCS), 2  Jones (M), 1  O’Meara (GCS)


  1. Gill Corcoran says

    Gill Corcoran is a woman. Gill is short for Gillian.

  2. Barb Smith says

    Gill, great report from someone who loves the atmosphere at footy, and the players, just not necessarily watching the whole game!
    I think I need to institute the ticks and crosses system myself. It sounds like a winner.

  3. Gill, you are clearly an astute football observer! Well done on a comprehensive review of the game and the photos of the dog!
    Quite like the tickes and crosses idea!

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