AFL Round 20: Fight makes me flip but Pies right the ship

It got pretty crazy at school yesterday. It was a celebration day consisting of a Liturgy, house group activities, my friend Brittany’s birthday, food stalls, a DJ and in my case SingStar.

Despite having to read about boring things, the girls and our teacher had a few laughs making the house meeting a lot more fun.

The teacher who was with us teaches PE and has an Irish accent.

It’s quite funny; you don’t want him to stop talking because his accent is so nice. To my surprise I was able to understand everything he said, unlike when I listen to Marty Clarke interviews and I wish it had come with subtitles.

At the food stalls I ate ice-cream and chocolate until I felt sick. The DJ was pretty lonely for a while until Brits got to the DJ area. She’s a real party girl and the occasion of her birthday made her even more spirited. Brits called me over to dance and after being assaulted for not going over she dragged me there against my will.

Dancing in uniform is not exactly great. We all looked so daggy and weren’t as free to move around as we usually would be. The priceless thing would be the looks on the teacher’s faces as they came out of the staff room and witnessed the shock of their crazy, out-of-control dancing students. Hopefully not too many reputations were tarnished during our impulsive dancing show.

SingStar was so much fun! Fiona and I sang to Stacey’s Mom in front of a small audience and had a good laugh when the word ‘awful’ would appear on the screen whenever we sang. School ended after I handed in my beloved iPod for the 40 Hour Famine to raise money for the Global Food Crisis in Kenya. I didn’t think it was a big deal giving up my iPod but the other girls labeled me as ‘brave’ because they only handed in their phones. I got home without my usual iPod listening and watched this week’s Black and White Show.

The players point out that it’s going to be Leigh Brown’s 200th game.

This is what Heath Shaw had to say about Mr. 200:

“He’s got a really large arse … it’s definitely the biggest I’ve seen, even bigger than Nathan Brown.”

I was laughing so hard when I heard Heath say that and I’d like to point out that he’s wrong; Nathan’s bottom is not big at all!! Im pretty sure that Travis Cloke has the biggest bottom!


12.30 (well, technically it’s afternoon but it’s morning for me)

I wake up to find my Daddy sitting on my bed reading the newspaper waiting for me to wake up. When I do he throws the paper in my face and starts yelling about Toovey still having a spot in the team. I laugh, and then I groan. He’s definitely pumped up for the game today as he grabs my Collingwood scarf and starts flinging it around.

Mum’s putting lasagna in the oven and it seems that the only downside is the amount of work I will have to conquer after I watch the match.

Today is also a very special day because my boyfriend Joe turns 20!

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you sing like an angel and you look like one too!” Joe and I have been together for three years now; it’s the longest relationship I’ve had.

My books get pushed aside as I settle into game mode.

One match-up catches my attention: Pendles on Deledio. Genius!

Superman kicks the first for the match; his body strength on McGuane is strong.

Riewoldt and Morton both goal for Richmond.

Medders and Shaw each score while Superman misses two and O’Bree misses one.

Goals follow from Lockyer, Cloke and Davis.

“OHHHHHHH SNAP!!”- Medders misses right in front.

The quarter ends with a goal from Swan.

RICH: 13                          COLL: 50

Travis slots his second to start the second quarter.

Richmond are playing like a whole team of Tooveys!

Dick gets his first as King messes with Didak and gets reported.

This causes the boys to get into each other and Wrestle mania begins.


They didn’t listen … I didn’t know where to look and started to freak!

RANDOM COMMENT: Deledio’s hair looks cute!!

Didak brings our lead to 69 points.

RICH: 21                         COLL: 91

Didak goals and I’m so in love with my team right now. I’m feeling all fuzzy and they look like a real team, real contenders.

Deledio and Hislop score for Richmond.

Superman kicks a goal that is just as pretty as he is. I’m so proud.

O’Brien goals: “OHHHHH a defender goal, How EMBARRASING for Richmond.”

Watching Toovey try to chase down Cousins made me ROFL.

RICH: 41                         COLL: 138

The last quarter begins and Davis scores the first followed by Poised, Professional Pendlebury. Tambling and that jerk number 27 also goal.

Number 27 (cough cough) gets reported after bashing into O’Bree: JERK!!


RICH: 59                           COLL: 152

P.O.G (prettiest On Ground) goes to … Superman.

What a great match … well, for Collingwood supporters anyway.

I’m sorry Paul but we needed this win to help our September.


I also watch Before the Game and Ben Cousins’ prettiness on the cover of GQ magazine is simply breath-taking! Atleast Richmond female fans have something to look forward to!

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  1. Josh Barnstable says

    I like your “text” talk in your reports like rofl. LOL :) Oh and if you didn’t know who number 27 for Richmond is, it’s Hislop. Great report!

  2. Thanks. :)
    Yeah I know but I didn’t name him to show his insignificance. i was pretty angry at him.
    I was so scared that Superman was going to do something during that fight; I was literally off my seat!

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