AFL Round 2 – St Kilda v Richmond: Game of Chess

My favourite St.Kilda Saints faced the rather hot Richmond Tigers on a cold Friday under the massive lights of the MCG. I hadn’t stalked out of my sister’s room for the free WIFI (from a neighbour, not my sister). I had been on, trying to beat the amateurs to make myself look like a fresh player. I failed, because of a bishop, and indeed I resigned soon after. I grabbed my St.Kilda flag, a bag of SHARE pack M & M’s, crispy type, hopped onto the couch, and turned on the 52″ TV in front of me. By then St.Kilda were down at quarter time, which was what I expected from a side said to be ‘treading water’ by a Brian Taylor I love and trust on the night of the hiding against the Gold Coast Suns. Tonight was different in all factors, explained Dennis Cometti with that cool voice of his. I saw Nick Riewoldt hacking one from mid air at the quarter time break highlights, and that their second apparently, the first being by Beau Wilkes/Maister. I don’t know why, he reminds of Abraham Lincoln… He’s 29, and has rarely played AFL? WTF?  But the Tigers were cool. They butchered time when they had to (maybe to frustrate me, idk) and played on when there was no man on the mark. The Saints were lucky to be in touch at Quarter Time, with goals to Stanley and Saad, the latter that walks for victory for St.Kilda. As frustrating as it seemed for the Tigers, for all their hard work, the Saints snuck goals under the Tigers in the latter part of the quarter, this only to be reversed in the final quarter. Dal Santo, Hayes, Montagna, Armitage and Ray worked hard for the Saints, and Deledio, Grigg and Cotchin starred for the Tigers. All of the players lifted above worked hard in their engine room to pump the ball inside the forward fifties, but as the night progressed, it was clear the Tigers were more effective. Jake King popped up with a booming banana in the 2nd Quarter. Come the third, the Saints pushed it forward time and time again,  but as it would seem they gathered momentum, the Tigers retaliated, kicking 2-3 goals in a short amount of time. The guy from Tigerland with the number 8 on his back was a frustration for me: he would finish the night with 15 goals in our last two encounters. It was a game of chess, with both sides making good moves, with the ball moving around like a rocking horse; back and forth. Then came the last quarter: The Saints would blast their machine guns, but the strong Tigers defence held firm, ensuring they would never be behind during the game for 99.9% of the game (Beau Wilkes put St.Kilda in front with the first goal of the game) Saad walked a mile and goaled with a drop punt tight on the boundary line, then missed on the other side of the field. The Tigers stormed forward in the last when the Saints defence was sucked up the ground, and the Tigers emerged victors. Not unexpected, but the Saints had some resistance at least, unlike the Demons the following night.


Tigers: J.Riewoldt, Cotchin, Deledio, Grigg, Martin, McGuane, Maric, King, Petterd

Saints: Hayes, Dal Santo, Armitage, N.Riewoldt, Montagna, Saad.


Tigers: J.Riewoldt 7, McGuane 2, Vickory, Conca, Maric, Newman, King.

Saints: N.Riewoldt 4, Saad 2, Maister 2, Milne, McEvoy, Gilbert, Stanley.

Malarkey Medal:

Our Votes: J.Riewoldt 3 (Rich), Cotchin 2 (Rich), N.Riewoldt 1 (St.K)


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