AFL Round 2: Now for nine games per weekend until further notice

Events at Etihad Stadium on Sunday got me thinking…what is the rule re closing the roof at the stadium? Is it closed if rain is forecast? Is it closed if rain is not forecast? Should it be closed all the time? Can it be closed during a game like at the Australian Open Tennis? One thing is for certain: the game’s outcome was not a result of the roof being open or closed. The game was decided because a free kick and a 50m penalty was given by North to Geelong within Geelong’s forward 50 with 30 seconds left on the clock. Composure comes with experience. Geelong proved that when it counted yesterday. Maybe the Roos are on that track…time will tell…

Jumping Jack Riewoldt must love playing St.Kilda. After being praised for his selfless 0-goal game last week, he turned it on, kicking 7.2 from 10 kicks @ same as 2012. Cousin Nick at the other end kicked 4 and ran his opponents into the turf. An entertaining game for the most, Richmond managed to Conca the Saints by 17pts.

The flag unfurling at the SCG preceded Sydney’s game against the Sunnyboys on Saturday. Interestingly both teams wore mainly white on a wet day. Confusion, anyone? It didn’t bother Swans captains, Other McVeigh, who managed 27 stats and 4 goals whilst Older Jack had 28 and kept Yablett quiet (24,0.1). Swans by 41pts.

Fremantle seem to have become accustomed to Etihad and it showed on Saturday with a 6 to 1 goal opening quarter against the Underdoggies. Whatever Brisbane let the Dogs do easily last week, Ross Lyon’s Freo wouldn’t let them do it again. They are mean, they are disciplined and they have ability. Dockers home away by 28pts.

Adelaide travelled to the Gabba to face a Lions’ outfit hellbent on making amends for last week’s effort. Wearing an artists’ blank canvas with splashes of red, blue & gold, the Crows initially would’ve looked more at home at a Barossa Arts Festival. Enter Dangermouse in the last qtr to take Lions’ ¾ time lead and inspire a Crows’ 19pt win.

The 5th quarter often tells the footy public much. Having witnessed his team get totally shellacked by the Bombers by nearly 25 goals, Coach Mark Neeld was a study in raw emotion during the post match. Melbourne had done worse than last week.  Bombers did what they liked to smash the opposition!  A massive Dee-stroyification!

Sometimes events come along that puts footy into perspective. So it was for the Port players as they stood for a minute’s silence remembering John McCarthy. In a fitting tribute they also played like they did last year for a quarter, trailing by 11pts at ¼ time. Country Ken eyeballed them to good effect – Port over GWS by 56pts at AAMI.

North got off to a flyer, leading by 35pts at ½ time. Geelong, like last week, went bang – a 7 to 3 goal 3rd qtr and set the stage for a gripping last qtr. The Roos ran out of legs, a test of mettle began. Cats by 4pts after North gave away a clumsy free kick & 50m with 30secs left in the Cats 50m arc – too costly! Roof open/closed – who cares?

Mick v Bucks, Bucks v Mick, yoda v luke…fair dinkum at least all that crap is over. Collingwood’s intense17pt win, came by kicking 2 goals within a minute with only 3 minutes left. Carlton had managed to keep pace and lead for much of the game thru an even forward spread. With a mandatory new sleeve tatt, Young Pie Elliott 5 goals.

Normally an 8 goal last qtr at Subiaco would be enough to see the locals leave happy. Not this time! The Hawks had led for most of the day with Buddy auditioning for a new contract with 5 goals. The Eagles managed to make a charge in the third qtr but it was a fruitful trip West for the Hawks, home away by 50pts…Jeff…your thoughts??!!

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