AFL Round 19: Superman wins P.O.G. as Pies get super win.

By Danielle Eid

School passes so slowly when you’re thinking about the Collingwood vs. Adelaide match. Let’s reflect:

MONDAY: level assembly about school leadership positions. “No thanks”

My hair sucked! Wondered what day we are playing this week.

TUESDAY: Kicked back in my study session and looked at footy fixture.

My hair sucked! Got a glimpse of the younger builder renovating the school.


I went to bed at 11:30PM after making revision notes for Religion.

My hair sucked! Thought about Nathan Brown’s injury.

THURSDAY: Had double religion in the morning but was able to work and contribute because my R.E teacher is my favourite. J

Went to school information night for subject selection, Considered wearing my jersey but didn’t. My choices:

English, Literature, Media, Religion, History Revolutions, Business Management.

Hair: not bad.

FRIDAY: Woke up feeling sick so didn’t rock up to school. Started to put on my uniform but the painful stomach jabs got worse.

Slept in until I felt better, spent all day studying for Religion Sac and Legal Sac both on Monday = BIG HEAD ACHE.

Spent from 1:30PM to 12:40AM studying.

Sent txt to friends to find out what work I missed out on and felt annoyed at myself for missing out on draft essay writing in English.

Felt unwell all day and didn’t change out of pjs.


Still feeling crappy and looking even worse. The effects of late study have shown under my eyes.

PLAN: study from the moment I wake up, watch the game as a reward and continue study into the night.

Diet plan for formal next month, not working!

OK so that was my week, thank god that’s over!

I grab my teddy bears and plonk myself in front of the TV as the game begins.

Tonight I’m joined by my teddy bears, Pendlebury-Bear and Meddy-Teddy. Both have served me well over the years by sleeping next to me and saving me from the occasional monster under the bed. Laugh all you want but I think that you are never too old to have teddy bears!

Superman’s hair is now the same shade as mine, what a glamour couple we would make!

Pendles is getting in early and Didak scores the first goal of the match.

Superman bangs home our second and seems to have an ‘Im too sexy for my jersey’ look going on.

Burton and Knights both goal for the Crows.

So far it’s been hard for both teams; it’s a mind game with lots of over thinking.

Coll: 17                                         Adel: 16

A free against Leigh causes a Tippet goal.

Im getting annoyed at the careless kicking in our 50: “ARRGGGGHH!!”

Wood slots one but I still don’t like what im seeing.

My legal revision is more exciting than this!

Coll: 25                                        Adel: 28

Half time comes and I look at my teddy bears disapprovingly.

I ask, “What are you guys doing?”

They just stare at me innocently like the teddy bears they are.

Stuff this im going to do some quick study!

Toovey starts the third quarter by fudging up resulting in an Adelaide goal.

“Nice one Toovey, real smooth!!”

Dawes with one sock up, one sock down manages to goal.

Dawes is 3 things I love: tall, dark and PRETTY!! Just how I like em!

Maxwell gets crunched and I feel his pain, I LOVE YOU CAPTAIN!

It gets messier and messier,

Arrghhhh why am I putting myself through…….SUPERMANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Come on babe…come on…” KICKS………GOALS!! “EEEEEPPPPP!!”

Cloke goals and again Superman ferociously rips of his glove with his teeth and puts up back in front!! That’s it, im going to ask Superman for his hand/GLOVE in marriage!!

Coll: 55                                     Adel: 49

Didak goals the first for the last and is followed by McLeod.

Medders get no mercy from the umpires so I give Meddy-Teddy a cuddle.

Game slows down and gets more frustrating until the ball gets to Dick.

Dick had a few misses tonight but score on this occasion.

Symes kicks a massive goal and I swear in anger and exhaustion.

From the middle comes Maxwell comes hard, to Davis, through the goals.

Porplyzia gives me something to get tense about but a turn over ends up with Daisy as a goal = BREATHE!!

Wood scores the last for the game and the boys rejoice.


Coll: 89                                    Adel: 68

My boys hung on to win by 21 points, woohooooo!!!

P.O.G (Prettiest on Ground) goes to…. Jack Anthony (Superman)

For being too sexy for his jersey and rocking in his gorgeous jet black hair!

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


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