AFL Round 18: I win kick-to-kick in Melbourne and Saints win in Tassie

I woke up on in the morning at 11, and was ready for yet another footy-filled day. It looked like a great day for footy here in Melbourne, but what about Tasmania? Would the Hawks beat the undermanned St Kilda to earn a chance in the finals?

I went to the park with my younger brother and had some shots on goal. We play this game where one person kicks it in from the goal-line and the other person has a shot from wherever the ball lands. I won 6.11 (47) to 5.7 (37).

I was ready for a live viewing of footy in high definition. Thank God for One HD. I was interested that both teams were playing three ruckmen: Campbell, Renouf and Taylor for Hawthorn and King, Gardiner and McEvoy for St Kilda.

Dal Santo and Fisher were late outs for St Kilda, which added more pressure on the Saints. David Armitage and the Irishman Colm Begley replaced them; Begley was playing his first game for St Kilda after coming from Brisbane.

St Kilda won the toss and kicked with the breeze. There was a slow start to the game and the rain was drizzling at Aurora Stadium. Four minutes had elapsed and McGlynn marked. He converted to give Hawthorn their first goal. Hawthorn started well, but St Kilda stuck to the task. A mistake from a kick-in gave McEvoy a free kick and a goal for the big fella, his third in four games and for his career.

Luke Ball passed to Schneider, who kicked the Saints’ second. St Kilda kept attacking. Youngster Jack Steven kicked a ripping goal from outside 50 in his first quarter at the top level. Rioli missed an easy one but Hawthorn began to get on top. They got a few behinds from locking the ball inside their forward 50. Renouf got a free kick and 50 (which was more like 75, according to Robert Walls) and he squeezed it through for his first goal of his 20-game career. He kicked a behind last week, which was his first behind.

The end of the first quarter was played at a quick pace. The Saints answered immediately with a brilliant goal from Schneider to put the margin back out to nine points. Roughead kicked a right foot snap through for a goal. Schneider tackled and earned a free kick. He lined up and kicked the Saints’ fifth. The siren sounded and Hawthorn trailed by nine, 3.4 (22) to 5.1 (31). Mitchell has 12 possessions, McGlynn and Franklin nine each. For the Saints Schneider leads with eight. Jack Steven had six in his first game.

I was hoping the second quarter would begin at quick pace, but it didn’t. It was stoppages galore. St Kilda looked like they were intending to slow the game down. Taylor kicked a point at the eight-minute mark to opening the scoring account for the second quarter. Half-way through the quarter Dowler marked on the line and kicked a goal.

From here on St Kilda had all the answers. Campbell Brown kicked a long ball back into play but it was rebounded and marked by Milne in the forward 50 who goaled. Taylor, the free-kick-against-machine (he has given away 18 in his past four games), gave away another and Armitage kicked a goal for St Kilda. At half-time St Kilda led by 18 points, 4.5 (29) to 7.5 (47). Mitchell and Lewis had 14 possessions each for Hawthorn; Armitage had 14 and Blake 12 for St.Kilda. St.Kilda had a huge 67 tackles in the first half. Could they beat the record of 112?

The third quarter started and the Saints looked relentless. Milne kicked his second and it opened up a handy 25-point lead. Half-way through the quarter and the Hawks still weren’t firing. Before the game the odds had been favouring them greatly. McGlynn kicked his second and the Hawks fifth. Some magic from Rioli a couple of minutes later put the Hawks within 14 points.

McGlynn had another chance to extend it, but missed. St Kilda missed a few chances and the Hawks still looked like they could mount a comeback.  But it all fell apart when Luke Ball caused a turnover and Jones snapped a goal on the three-quarter-time siren. Hawthorn trailed 6.6 (42) to 9.10 (64). Mitchell had 26 touches; his sequence of possessions was 12, 2, 12 so far. Lewis also had 22 for the Hawks and Jones and Armitage had 22 each for St.Kilda.

The last quarter begun and a Murphy slip-over gifted Milne a goal. Hawthorn was losing by 28-points, but at least Franklin didn’t lose that many teeth. He only lost one tooth, which would have been more appropriate in the Hawks’  one-point loss against Geelong two weeks ago.

Lewis marked and kicked a goal for Hawthorn. Too little, too late. The game had slowed down completely and it was being played on St Kilda’s terms. Milne missed twice in a row to give himself 3.4. The final siren sounded and Hawthorn lost by 25, 7.7 (49) to 10.14 (74). A very good effort from St Kilda, considering their seven players who missed. Mitchell finished with 31 disposals, Lewis with 29 and for St.Kilda Jones with 27 and Ball with 25. St Kilda finished with a record tackle count of 115. Ball, McQualter, Schneider and Armitage all had 10 or more. There were only nine goals after quarter time from both teams.

The Saints beat the Hawks in their first encounter in Tasmania. St Kilda has to go all the way this year.

Hawthorn 3.4 4.5 6.6 7.7 (49)

St.Kilda 5.1 7.5 9.10 10.14 (74)


Hawthorn: McGlynn 2, Rioli, Renouf, Roughead, Lewis, Dowler.

St.Kilda: Schneider 3, Milne 3, McEvoy, Steven, Armitage, Jones.


Hawthorn: Mitchell, Lewis, Franklin, McGlynn, Kennedy, Rioli.

St.Kilda: Schneider, Jones, Armitage, Ball, Milne, Hudghton, Gram, Blake, Ray.

My Votes: 3. Adam Schneider (St K), 2. Clinton Jones (St K), 1. David Armitage (St K).

Umpires: Vozzo, Rosebury, H. Ryan.                  Crowd: 20,011 at Aurora Stadium.

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  1. Josh Barnstable says

    Once i got home from footy at about 1:00pm, i was looking forward to the game. I waited until 3pm, went into the loungeroom, put it on Ten and it was the second quarter. I had no idea what was going on!

  2. Steve Healy says

    Gee, that would really suck Josh. I always look at TV guides way beforehand. I remember that happened to me two years ago, the prelim final Geelong V Collingwood. I didn’t know it was live.

  3. Josh Barnstable says

    Games are never shown live these days anyway so i never check the TV guides

  4. Steve Healy says

    Yeh, even Port Adelaide Hawthorn last week on 7, which was something like 5-10 minutes delayed. I hope they don’t do the same thing for Port Adelaide V Carlton in Round 20.

  5. Josh Barnstable says

    They will, i’m still surprised they showed last year’s Grand Final live

  6. Steve Healy says

    Yea, luckily the grand final’s on Ten this year. I like Ten better, apart from the 5-minute warning of course.

  7. Josh Barnstable says

    Nah the 5-minute warning is good, makes me feel like i’m at the game and have no idea when the siren will sound

  8. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I like the 5 minute warning as well.
    Whenever Ch10/One shows an interstate game it is always on live, unlike Channel Seven.

    Never thought the Saints were going to prevail with all of those players out, but their younger players stood up.
    How old is your brother Steve? You almost got beaten! LOL

  9. Steve Healy says

    My Brother is 12 Damo, despite only a 10-point win it is pretty good since I had six more scoring shots than him,(because we both had the same amount of shots on goal). I usually beat him by more though. I just had a couple of bad misses.

    David Armitage looks a great player for the Saints, I’m suprised he hadn’t played a game previously this year because he was in quite good form last year. Jack Steven looks like a ready-made AFL player.

  10. Josh Barnstable says

    Who will stay out of the team if Armitage continues his good form though?? Interesting to note that i have 0 tips correct so far this round if you include the Lions/Bombers game last night as an incorrect tip. Steve, since your the next Gigs, when was the last time there has been three weeks in a row where a game has been decided by a kick after the siren? Round 17 Jimmy Bartel, Round 18 Jordan McMahon and now Round 19 Daniel Bradshaw.

  11. Josh Barnstable says

    I haven’t been able to keep up to date with the scores today Steve. Who won out of North Melbourne and Melbourne? And what was the margin? :) :) :)

  12. Josh..dont be mean!!
    Its not his fault his team didnt play well!!

  13. Steve Healy says

    Nah Josh is just a bit mad at Josh Gibson for kicking it backwards from the ball up and for being chased down by Newton. Josh you should’ve made the trip down from Waaia. It looks like North will be coughing up some cash again!

  14. lol let the taunting begin!!
    did you see Superman’s hair???
    i was DYING!! its the same colour as mine :)
    i had to stop taking notes and fan myself with the paper!!
    eeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp!!! :)

  15. Steve Healy says

    Yeh, he reminds me of Dale Thomas last year, changing his hair every week. I don’t know what the point of him doing that is anyway.

  16. to draw attention to himself from girls like ME!!
    AND it WORKS!! lmao :)

  17. Steve Healy says

    He was also wearing white boots for the first time in his career(I think), but at least he was back to his accurate self again.

  18. A Friend of a friend said that Superman is married.
    i have no idea if its true..I HOPE ITS NOT! :(

  19. Steve Healy says

    Why not? I though you were after Nathan Brown!

    I’m writing my report for Adelaide V Collingwood at the moment.

  20. Josh Barnstable says

    I think Superman had a bit of a disaster with his hair last week with the brighter ranga look so he died it jet black. Would that be right Danielle? Or is he just experimenting?

  21. Steve: im after BOTH!!

    Josh: he looked cute last week but her looks GORGEOUS NOW!! im telling you i was dying right then and there

  22. Josh Barnstable says

    And i never heard of Gibson doing that, he never would though. Gibbo will win the best and fairest this year, you heard it from me first!


    Superman got P.O.G for Last nights game!

  24. Steve Healy says

    He kicked snapped it 40 metres backwards from the centre haha. I was impressed with Goldstein’s performance. I reckon he is taking David Hale’s position.

  25. Steve Healy says

    I thought Alan Didak did Danielle? On Channel 10 anyway.

  26. Danielle Eid says

    LMAOO Didak won. B.O.G
    but im talking about P.O.G
    (Prettiest On Ground) awarded by yours truly!!:)

  27. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok sorry I thought you said B.O.G.

    Swan has to win the Brownlow. If he doesn’t it will be Riewoldt or Goddard.

  28. ohh GOD ALMIGHTY please..PLEASE DONT LET IT BE RIEWOLDT!!! i swear if he wins..i ill freak!!!
    cant stand him hes ALMOST as bad as Fev.

  29. Josh Barnstable says

    Why?? I thought Riewoldt was one of the pretty boys of the AFL. And if Swan doesn’t win it, Joey Montagna will

  30. …no josh..NO!!
    Riewoldt is NOT PRETTY AT ALL!!
    him and his titey-whitey seriously he wouldnt stop bending over they were gonna RIP!!!
    ewwwww!! Josh seriously pretty boys are like..Ben cousins, Deledio, Swallow, Brown, Superman..not…RIEWOLDT!!,,.. EWW

  31. on of the best things i said at the COLL VS SAINTS game was:

    “Yer you do that Nathan (Brown) you stand next to Riewoldt and make him look ugly!!”
    lmaoo :)

    btw how about Buddy lossing his tooth? like he is now MINUS 5000000000000 PRETTY POINTS. poor guy!

  32. Josh Barnstable says

    Buddy is ugly! even before he got his tooth knocked out. I hope he never reads this or he might hunt me down…

  33. LMAO..NO HES NOT..well he WASNT!
    when i met him..i was like floating in mid air, his eyes are AMAZING he also smells nice..lmaoo he had HEAPS of aftershave on!! I LOVE PRETTY EYES!! you boys are lucky, you have long, think lashes naturally!!

  34. thick********

  35. Steve Healy says

    Buddy just taught everyone a lesson that you always have to wear a mouthguard. Buddy looks like a toothless gorilla at best.
    Swallow is a pretty boy?

    I’ve hated Swallow ever since he put the Roos one point in front against Melbourne in Round 9 2007

  36. omg Steve..did you just put SWALLOW and HATED in the same sentance?
    well i can undestand it cos your a guy and his prettyness doesnt matter to you.
    but yes… hes VERY VERY Pretty!
    Mackie and Hawkins are also Pretty..i dont think Melb had any prettys..besides Watts, he was CUTE!

  37. Steve Healy says

    Ohhh, so that’s why you don’t like the Dees much.

  38. Lol…well….yeah.
    but Watts makes up for like 10 pretty players all by love him in black and white anyday! :)

  39. Josh Barnstable says

    That’s funny, i’ve hated David Neitz since Round 20, 2006 when he kicked 8 goals against North on my birthday !!

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