AFL Round 18 – Greater Western Sydney v Geelong: Monaros and V7 Cats

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Greater Western Sydney vs Geelong

The Showground

19.40, Saturday, 19 July, 2014


I was even late getting to the television. We’d been up since 0530 and passed the day running a market stall, sometimes holding down the gazebo against the threat of high winds, and we were too damn tired to go sit in the cold and windy stretches of the Cumberland Plain.


And so it was that I missed the start of the game, distracted by a debate on the styling of the 1971 Monteverdi Grand Tourer. I’d seen a bit of the prematch, Leon Cameron was miked up while he spoke to the players. Maybe it was Chris Johnson’s comments on the Marngrook Footy Show that influenced me, but Boyd and J Cameron didn’t seem to have the body language of the other players. Boyd, in fact, was sitting down. Tying his shoelaces or stretching his muscles probably.


Patto was paying attention. He’s really come along this year and is getting better every week. Marks at fullback, on the wing, rucks a throwin, kicks goals, he plays with a sense of calm authority and is living up to his nickname. In a way, because Gen George Patton was a bit of a hothead.


Early on, the Monaros can’t buy a goal. Hoskin-Elliott takes off, gives and recieves the ball and nearly kicks the goal of the year but has to settle for a behind. It’s a strange game, hesitant, tentative.


Ward marks a Motlop kick, and I wish I was there. Boyd to Palmer – is this the weekend of the Upset Round? There’s great play, but not enough goals. Simpson’s goal seems to change the balance of the game. Look, there’s Mad Sheeds! A talisman of sorts?
The coaches seem very self-aware tonight. Furrowed brow, intense concentration, don’t wanna get caught out like ol’ Mick last week.


The Cats get the ball in the backline and I know with certainty that Steve Johnson is gonna do something grand. So he does, and it’s another goal to the visitors.


Halftime, the lads have done well, they haven’t been embarassed by any means. But I’m getting sick of that sort of game. I want to WIN!


There’s no better setting for multiculti round than Western Sydney and I guess it’s nice and all but a more honest name would have been Post-WW2 Immigrants Round. I’ve seen three ads, the Vietnamese kid, the Indian bloke and the kid whose grandad looks Turkish. No blackfellas, no skips. Kouta pops up, so that’s Europeans covered. It’s a big PR outreach to folks who might not have taken much interest in Australian Football and, as such, it’s a case of the AFL reaching out to potential new markets. Can’t knock ‘em for that, it’s part of the job but any division of people into groups irks me. How about every week being The People’s Round?


Blackfella, whitefella, doesn’t matter what your colour

As long as you a true fella, as long as you a real fella


There’s an immediate sense of the game cracking open, Bartel goals, Motlop runs through the middle, a very Geelong style of play, another goal to them. Six straight goals to the Cats and it looks like the Monaros’ tyres have deflated again.


Shiel goals and it’s followed by a Hilux ad. The most indestructible production car in the world – I decide to take this as a sign. Will H-E goals, he’s another who’s taken a big step forward this year, he’s playing with a lot of confidence.


The Cats run a chain of handballs through heavy traffic to get the ball to Big Tom. It’s a skill the kids haven’t yet mastered. Teenagers with a first-year coach, remember.


Early in the fourth, a commentator yells “Stevie Jay!” and I wrote “This isn’t good enough. It’s one thing for a top team to show you up with a streak of play but to embarrass you like this is another step up. Tom H goaled while I wrote that.”


Then it changed, the Monaros found another gear and I didn’t write many notes after that. “Now we miss and miss again – 12 to go.” “Joel seals it.” “Boyd again? – 1 straight kick.” “Those floaty kicks to nowhere cost us in the last 2 mins” and in most games.


It was a brave comeback and we weren’t embarassed but as Capt. Davis said afterwards, an honourable loss just isn’t good enough.


GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY         2.4   4.6      7.9    12.15 (87)

GEELONG                                     2.5   4.10  10.14  13.16 (94)



Greater Western Sydney: Patton 2, Boyd 2, Shiel 2, Palmer, Hunt, Kelly, Cameron, Hoskin-Elliott, Ward,

Geelong: Johnson 3, Hawkins 2, Caddy 2, Selwood, Murdoch, Duncan, Bartel, Guthrie, Simpson



Greater Western Sydney: Patton, Ward. Hoskin-Elliott, Sheil, Greene, Tomlinson

Geelong: Johnson, Selwood, Caddy, Horlin-Smith, Hawkins, Duncan


Umpires: Hay, Findlay, Mitchell


Official crowd: 7,697 at Spotless Stadium



3 – Johnson; 2 – Patton; 1 – Selwood



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  1. Dunno how you lost that one Earl. The Cats think ‘flicking the switch’ for 10 minutes a quarter is enough. I reckon Harmsy’s love child Travis Varcoe needs a jigger to get him going these days. Shadow of the player he was.
    Your boys had them on toast in the last 10 minutes, but panicked when a clear head would have iced the game. Lots to look forward to.

  2. kath presdee says

    Since both sides were off target on Saturday night, it wasn’t just the inaccuracy in the last ten minutes that cost us the game; but in a way it was.

    The Giants have lost three games by seven points this year. The St Kilda game in Round 3 and the Geelong game last weekend were similar in that the Giants could have won the game with a calmer head and steadier foot.

    I don’t know if we needed an older, calmer head in the forwards to marshall the troops or if we’re still a bit off the maturity needed in those situations. Both those issues can be fixed with time, experience and the right mix of player. Not insurmountable.

    I left the Geelong game feeling the same way I did leaving the Essendon game: pleased that they played well but an honourable loss is still not good enough.

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    WIth you, Kath. Overall maturity in the team is the key.
    The lads are missing Hampton and Shaw delivering out of the back, esp Curt’s pace. Treloar, Whitfiield, Cameron have an early mark to visit the doctor, cue’s just about in the rack. Five more chances to hit the six wins I wanted this season.
    “That free kick will cause angst for Wayne Campbell this week, it was doubtful. And there’s the siren! Three points in it, Patton’s kick will decide the game. He’s on a sharp angle, kicking from 55m… It’s a beautiful kick, Richmond have lost by three points!”

  4. Rob Burke says

    It was an interesting Montiverdi though…. ;)

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