AFL Round 18 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: After the Flood

Brisbane versus Gold Coast

4.40pm, Saturday, 26 July

The Gabba, Brisbane


Q Clash. I’ve said it before and, at the risk of appearing to be in love with the sound of my own keyboard, I’ll say it again: I hate the name but I do buy into the pre-game hype and its importance to growing the game up here, even it does like a dispute between disgruntled snooker players.

The ground is buzzing for this one and it’s not just Suns fans with the scent of September in their nostrils either. It’s the first time this year the young man dispensing Football Records has to shout in order for me to find him and he fumbles with my change struggling to cope with the stress of the occasion. 27,167 is an overwhelming endorsement of Saturday arvo footy in Queensland and given the crowd to our last home game all went home in the same car,this is something that simply cannot be ignored.

Angry clouds grumble off in the west which is a bonus. This just means they’ll be coming down Ipswich Road and are therefore pre-destined to catch every set of lights which should buy us a half of dry footy at least.

In what might be interpreted as early signs of Ablett withdrawal, the Suns appear to gather nervously at their banner awaiting further instruction.

Against early estimates the perfect storm arrives 15 minutes into the first quarter and what ensues goes beyond wet weather footy, this is biblical. A long-sleeved Leigh Carlson would call in sick for this one. The exposed crowd swarms as one to dry ground allowing me the opportunity to turn my membership lanyard into a makeshift monocle and look down on the frenzied General Admission folk contemptuously in their rain soaked squalor. “What will they eat, those poor people, now that their chips have been saturated?” poses a voice behind. “Let them eat flake!” I bellow with disregard. OK, that second part never actually happened but how cool would it be if it had? There was a mass exodus searching for higher ground though, all except for one. Kudos to you sir, you know who you are. One gentleman in a white T-Shirt and cargo shorts on the 50 metre line who not so much as flinched in defiance of the weather and sat his ground. The man had either no fear or no pulse.

A Suns outfit desperate to disprove the charge they are a one man team really only succeeded in proving otherwise and uncovering a larger issue in the process: An aversion to the elements. They were woeful against Hawthorn in the cold of Launceston and worse here today under a deluge where they seemed almost reluctant at times to bend at the knees and dirty their nice white uniforms.

Brisbane by contrast were up and about to the point of mechanical, the weather be damned. One of Mr Brown’s Boys (the young clutch of talent Jonathan Brown has been assigned to mentor) in Michael Close opens with a lead/mark/goal that will please his sensai to no end.

At a time of year when fringe players are playing for their careers and veterans looking to stave off the inevitable for one more year many of ours posted serious bids for new contracts. Bewick blanketed O’Meara, Maguire and McGrath showed poise under trying conditions whilst Merrett continues to provide the contest (though suffice to say that those sitting behind the goal when he’s kicking are in no immediate danger and continue to chat amongst themselves in acknowledgement of this).

Forget about the contract, Stefan Martin could choose his own font come negotiation time after another impressive performance, following so many earlier setbacks. His parents might have named him Stefan but he plays like a Steve, honest and hard and could become the handy swingman a soon to return Leuenberger has been asking Santa for since 2010.

Hanley and Rockliff could have tossed a coin for the Marcus Ashcroft medal with the Irishman just getting the nod, though I would like to point out that as good as both were neither received half as many kicks as I did, primarily to the lower lumbar region and courtesy of an extremely bored 10 year old seated directly behind me.

There’s a moral in there somewhere about people looking down on others only to find there’s some snot nosed urchin perched above you but I’m not sure what it is exactly. I’m still focused on that potential flake remark from earlier, man that would’ve been awesome.


Brisbane     7.7    10.11    11.12    16.14   (110)

Gold Coast  1.2    3.3     4.4     8.8    (56)

Brisbane- Green 3, Close, Hanley, McGrath, Zorko 2, Macguire, Taylor, Rockliff, Crisp, McStay 1

Gold Coast – Sexton 3 Hall, Stanley, Shaw, Martin, Day 1


Brisbane– Rockliff, Hanley, Zorko, Martin, Clarke, Harwood

Gold Coast– May, Stanley, Lemmens, Hall

Umpires: Bannister, Ryan, McInerney                                                                         Crowd: 27,167

Our Votes: Rockliff (B) 3, Hanley (B) 2, Zorko (B) 1

About Jamie Simmons

Born in Melbourne, a third generation Fitzroy supporter, in 1972 before emigrating to Tasmania during The Great Broccoli Famine of 86. Leaving my island lodgings, largely at the request of locals, to settle once more on the mainland in 1997. These days living out a peaceful existance on the outskirts of Brisbane, where I spend most of my time serving as a fashion warning to others.


  1. Myself and the boys arrived a bit late and the general admission seats left were all under cover, so that worked for us.

    I expected more from the gcfc. That first quarter was a record breaker I’m told. The least combined possessions since stats collected. Once the rain came the 40 odd point head start was going to be tricky, although they did catch up to that score in the 4th quarter…

    Didn’t realise O’Meara was on the ground until the 3rd quarter when Bewick forced him to the line in our pocket.

    No chips in our camp. I offered the kids the choice of a bucket of chips at the footy or maccas after the game. They took the post game option although it was tragically disappointing as evidenced by the leftovers on the car floor…

    Lucky you didn’t get out the flake quip. It could have lead to revolting behaviour.

  2. Top stuff Igor. Some great lines. The flake line!

    But the font line was my fave. Stefan Martin can choose his own font…”

    Great win to the Lions.

  3. Good to see the lions have signed three first year draft picks to longer deals. The story had 15 out of 19 first round draft picks leaving Brisbane since 1996. And Eddie doesn’t see why we need a salary top up scheme…

    As the lions are getting a new jumper next year they are flogging the old ones for $50 at the Lions Shop. Picked up a set for the family while watching the nephew winning the state U14s trophy with his school yesterday. When the lions come good again we will have an old school jumpers to prove we were driving the bandwagon and not just jumping on!

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