AFL Round 17 – Melbourne v Geelong: The year of not living dangerously

I spent the morning before the game doing my usual routine. Got up too early to do some shopping, checked the TV to see if the world had ended then looked for ‘Footy Flashbacks’, hoping to find a game where Melbourne had actually beaten the Pussy Cats.

Perhaps they no longer keep 8mm reel-to-reel film on file. In any event, it seems like a LONG time since we beat Geelong.I have a couple of acquaintances who support Geelong and insist on me joining them at these games. I was down at Kardinia Park when we lost by 186 points and Dean Bailey may have been the only other Demons supporter there! I was also there last year when a ‘bayside mist’ enveloped us in our exposed seats. I can’t remember being more soaked, cold and miserable. The acquaintances revealed after the game that they sit on newspaper to stay dry, but didn’t see the need to share any of said paper. Like I said – ‘acquaintances’.

Anyway, I have high hopes for today’s game. At a minimum, I should stay dry. I fervently hope that we lose by a lot less than 186 points. I have all the necessary information and tools to fool myself – the Cats best players are getting older, I have my lucky scarf, they have lost a bit of confidence, I’m wearing my lucky shirt, and so on. What could go wrong? We are riding the Roos revolution train and God, Allah and Ron Barassi (not necessarily in that order) are all believers. Or so I keep telling myself.

To the game. The Roos method of non-risk taking by bottling up the game worked fairly well for most of the first quarter, but was never going to stand up all game. The Cats players started taking chances and just cut us up – again. The coast-to-coast goal they kicked seemed to convince a number of our players that all was in vain. As Paul Roos said later, they went back to the ‘poor me’ philosophy.

What did we learn? James Frawley is a very good defender, but Hawkins is a monster and pushed him off with ease. There is no point using Nathan Jones to tag Joel Selwood. Selwood had 23 possessions in the first half and Jones was wasted. Jamar cannot ruck alone all day. Jack Watts’ mum doesn’t need to worry much about getting grass and mud stains out of his gear. We can’t expect this group to maintain the required level of persistence every game. But, they are getting better.

What are the positives for the Dees? Well, we are a 120  point better team than 3 years ago. The newer team members – Viney, Vince, Tyson, Dawes – don’t care about the past floggings and will keep trying. Also, I had a couple of enjoyable drinks with some very reasonable Cats supporters.

Where is Geelong at? Not a bad team. If they finish top 4, they just might surprise. Any team with Selwood, Johnson, Bartel, Motlop, Hawkins and Taylor can go deep into September


Final Scores:   Geelong 14.18 (102) defeated Melbourne 5.6 (36)

Crowd:  36,385

My votes:         J Selwood      3 votes

S Motlop         2 votes

H Taylor         1 vote

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A Demons supporter for over 50 years, not many of them memorable


  1. matt watson says

    I didn’t see the game but it is clear Roos is coaching defence first. It’s not surprising either.
    If they keep getting hammered by kicking four or five goals, he will have to change the game plan. At some point in a game, clubs have to attack. Melbourne is a standout for not doing that this year.
    I like your tagline, a demons supporter for over 50 years, not many of them memorable.
    Under Roos, you might get a memorable one…

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