AFL Round 16 – Review: The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Greetings Tipsters

I spent a fair chunk of the weekend curled up on the couch while a brutal civil war was being waged in my digestive tract.  Whilst hostilities appear to have ceased for now, the weekend was a good time to be marooned in the loungeroom with the teev remote.  There was football and cricket and motorcycle racing so I was content as I could be under the circumstances.

The solstice is a few weeks behind us and that ol’ ‘run home to the finals’ is almost upon us.  For some, it’s a stretch of several weeks with no promise of anything other than an early holiday.  That’s everyone from the Schoolies down to the Kebabs, who still have their own Everest to conquer.  A win is not an impossibility but doesn’t seem too likely, the kids are beginning to look like they’ve just suffered through their first full time holiday job and really, now all they wanna do is go back to school.  It doesn’t look good, even the Fuschias seem a bridge too far, so to speak.

For others, it’s a time to fine tune and pace themselves and give an important player or two a strategic rest so they can say “Yeah, mate, look, the body’s feeling fine” in that curious manner of footballers who refer to their physical selves as third party objects.  This’d be the case for the current Top Five who’d all be fancying themselves as flag chances (“sit down Mr Hird, just because you fancy yourself, doesn’t mean we’ll let you play”) while the Tiggers and the 4&20s would be thinking more along the lines of getting some finals experience into their younger players.

“Yeah, um, nah, look, going forward we want the kids to experience that finals pressure, yeah.  Packed MCG, season on the line, nothin’ like it, we’ll be giving 110% and if we follow our processes and play our roles…”  FLICK!  Oh look, a Futurama episode I’ve only seen three times.

It gets interesting around the middle, between the tragedy that is the bottom five and the glorious dreams of the Top Seven.  There’s one spot left in the finals and it may well be the Sharks’ to keep.  Now I don’t want to tread on Mark Robinson’s turf so I’ll leave a serious analysis of the games to come to him – besides, he can study the draw for hours and call it work, I have to, um…  Come to think of it, I could study the draw for hours at work and no-one would say much, oh, one day I’m gonna go all Grand Theft Auto on them.  Or wander into the desert and find myself in a grain of sand, there’s a lot of possibilities in this world.

Possibilities unlikely to include the Murder or the Gorillas playing in the finals and, if the don’t beat the Café Set this weekend, the Shinboners doing likewise.  Which leaves the Wiggles and they blew their chances in the first month.

So perhaps it really will be the Sharks playing in the finals.  None of the teams below them really deserve to and will only make it in if the Mosquitoes are stripped of points.  That’s another possibility in this world and one that seems more and more likely.

There’s some one-sided matches this weekend, some snorers, some potentially interesting or at least entertaining and a Tiggers/Purps match which, if these two teams are serious about September should be a cracker.  Hope so.

Cheers Tipsters


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