AFL Round 15 – Sydney Swans v GWS Giants: Winter Hits

beautiful day turns squirly

clouds close in

wind howls

debris flies

dust storm on the M4

temperature drops

then drops again

a trip to the footy with a mate

in red and white

the maggos get up

Greene with 40 and a goal

depth and inexperience

two things we have in abundance

new versions of old stands officially opened

to the boos of the crowd

(for Abbott not Bradman or Noble)

a 20 minute charity match

with celebrities I’ve never heard of

lead in the main game

but doesn’t warm up the crowd

I watch the league’s newest team

from seats in a stand

older than the league itself

one of only three in orange

early misses set the tone

Mohr to Franklin

Davis to Tippett

Tippet’s knee to Shaw’s head

gone before he hit the ground

a step of two behind

always under pressure

Swans comfortable

a better second half

Palmer now in long sleeves

surprised he’s the only one

it’s bloody cold

t-shirt, guernsey, jumper, jacket

not enough for me

expected result

margin about right

both teams wasteful in front of the sticks

at least the heater in the car works

(our other one is in hospital getting scans)

home close to midnight

Auskick at 8 in the morning

the footy week starts again


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  1. Simon Willcox says

    Loved the ‘seats older than the league itself’
    Great work Steve
    Keeping the faith with all those who love words that don’t go
    all the way across the page

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