AFL Round 15 – Fremantle v St.Kilda: The boys are back in town

WOLenny Hayes pastel

Lenny Hayes

WOJack Steven

Jack Steven


The Boys are Back in Town (kinda, in Freo to be exact)

When one has no expectations, funny things happen.  For three quarters of a game today the Saints looked like they were in it against Freo.  They played a fast, fabulous, forward game, which showed great promise.  They ran out of steam by about ½ way through the 3rd quarter, you could feel the petrol run dry.

Then the Dockers did what we’d really expected the whole game, so I could bear it.  The first parts of the game left me feeling positive about our new boys.  Lee, Saunders, Dennis-Lane, Wright, Hickey, Roberton, Newnes, Murdoch and Stanley tried their hearts out, mistakes and all.  Every mistake is a lesson learned.  Every triumph adds to experience and confidence. Every goal makes you smile.  It made them smile.  The older boys Steven, McEvoy, Jones, Gwilt, Geary, Montagna, Del Santo, Saad, Milera, Dempster, Ray and Armitage, worked hard all day.  They steadied the ship, they moved with the new young energy, they did their best.  And it was pretty damn good watching them attack the game with frenzy.  The tackle count was out of this world.  There was so much pressure.

And the best, the best was seeing Lenny Hayes back amongst it, teaching by doing, just being the tough warrior that he is.  And he’s teaching Steven to be a warrior too, and Steven was brilliant.

Other teams know the feeling of missing half a team, these guys are out with injuries: Riewoldt, Kosi,  Schneider, Gilbert, Fisher, Blake, and Wilkes.  There’s many years of experience in the outs, but it might be doing us a favour in the long run.  The young men just have to get more games and get better.  They are the players we are now depending on for the future, and older players can add experience and strength until the others get both of these into their bodies and minds.

We glimpsed the dream today.  Hopefully the boys did too.

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